Thursday, 10 August 2017

Out to spoil another good walk

I was up and at 'em early. Not because of poor sleep or the cat or any of a hundred reasons, I was up early because I had a tee time at lake St George golf club with my friend J. Lake St George is a place where we have spoiled many a good walk over the years by attempting to play golf and today was no different. 

I'm sure the guy on the lawn mower looked over at us
and winced.
When we arrived at the club house there was a foursome at the cash causing the girl grief. One of the people was an early twenties kinda guy trying to impress his girl. They had changed from playing nine and walking to playing eighteen and driving a golf cart. The kid was a little flustered because of the price difference. While they sorted it out we stood around and watched the little drama. When the kid noticed he had an audience of two (J and I) he tried to save face by letting us go ahead. Then came the round of canceling their payments etc. but before you know it we were done and on the first tee.
The game was a fun one with J and I being of like mind. One thing we tend to do is not decide on scoring until the first hole is done. Today the first hole was... ahem... not our best so the score card wasn't used.   

The fifth tee
When we got to the fifth hole I had a great tee shot but just as I swung the wind from behind died. The ball almost made it over the water hazard but went for a swim. I teed up a second, dropped a club and managed to clear the water.

"The Tree"
When we came to the next hole, the sixth, I had a tremendous drive probably the best I've ever done on this hole. Of course this placed the second shot in the area where "the tree" comes into play. I guess my mind was playing tricks because after all the preparation I managed to slightly top the ball and while the shot wasn't as long as I wanted it went under the tree. But that was OK I managed to recover with two great fairway shots. In the end we managed to finish the round no worse for wear and I was home around eleven.

I used to hate doing nine holes thinking that was not for me, I was a "real golfer" so I would tough it out. Well those days are gone, these days I'm very happy walking nine and whacking at a ball while doing so. I know that when I arrive at a golf course there must be greens keepers that cringe but I don't care. For me there's no cash on the line and it's only a game so what the heck. Given the way I play these days it's a good thing there's no cash involved, I figure I'd starve to death if I had to rely on a pay cheque from playing the royal and ancient game of golf.

Well I have to get out and mow the lawn so until tomorrow TTFN.

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