Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mid week links

There's nothing going on that I really want to right about. These last few days have seen me working on the SKS project. While I would like to share pics and amaze you with my metal working prowess I don't want you to suffer from eyes glazing over. Suffice to say that it is coming along well. At the rate I'm going the project should be done today or tomorrow. I will publish pics of the finished product.  

Here are some mid week inks for you to gaze upon in wonder... 

Looks like the folks in Ottawa have kicked a hornets nest with their new and improved tax legislation. I wonder if these idiots give any consideration to the law of unintended consequences.

To the good kind folks of America: we in Canada are not another state, we are a different country with different laws.  

While I wasn't that big a fan I was saddened to learn the Rhinestone Cowboy has passed away. 

I see tRump has managed once again to rattle some cages in Korea but at least there is an effort to calm things down. Meanwhile Korea's response is to threaten Guam. So what's a state to do? Dust off the old "Duck and Cover" manuals from the sixties. 

Looking at the world wide practice of spending more than income all up and down the scale from the family guy over mortgaged to the debt governments take on to please the citizens enough to vote for them I figure one day it will come crashing down. Why? Because we let it

Well that's about all I got for now. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.

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