Monday, 7 August 2017

Home, home again

We took to the hills on the weekend heading up to Muskoka where even on the worst day it's just soooo much better than the city. We're lucky enough that cousins S&L have a cottage which is on a slow backwater of a river and they like us enough to invite us every now and again. 

When we got up there it was overcast and threatening to drizzle but that was fine, the conversation in the cozy cabin more than made up for that. At the end of the first day when the nasty weather abated we were rewarded with this site.  

Around late afternoon the clouds had parted to a beautiful vista. After dinner another couple of friends, G&L, showed up and out came the adult beverages. One of the nice things that S&L have done is put  an addition to the cottage deck with a screen shelter. Add to the shelter a propane fire pit and it's heaven. The fire pit kept us warm and the screened shelter kept the bugs at bay. 

During the evening we were outside sipping adult beverages and chatting until G&L had to leave for home. Then we adjured to the interior where we continued drinking adult beverages and started watching classic movies till the wee hours.

The next morning found us up an at 'em a little earlier than normal but strange environments will do that to you. I went out side to see S fussing with the bass boat getting things ready for a little fishing. 

 While S did his thing, mine was to infuse myself with a little java that S was kind enough to put on while the others slept. As I sipped coffee I watched as S pulled away from the dock to get a line in the water. I hadn't wanted to disturb his peace so I hadn't called out. Once he was well on the way I went down to the dock to have a look around. 

There way off in the distance was S who, like me, was enjoying a little morning solitude. I could not believe the views from the dock. The weather was perfect, there was just enough clouds to make things look interesting, it was a lovely day. 

After lunch L and my wife decided to head into town to feed their cats. Of course they made a pit stop and acquired more booze adult beverages. Meanwhile I was relaxing on the deck, drinking coffee and just plain not fretting about anything. When the ladies returned our host S told me it was time to go fishing. I spent the next couple of hours on the river with a line in the water that was being ignored by the area fish. Well at least S pulled in a nice bass. We returned to the dock and put all the gear away and went in for some coffee. 

Our friends G&W returned and the party began anew. A short time after this my other Bro-in-law P arrived with his little ray of sunshine and then the real fun began. There is just something about a precocious three year old that makes a guy laugh. 

We had another great dinner that was a pot luck. I'm glad I don't eat like this too often because I'd end up the size of a Buick. After dinner we listened to some seriously old music that was all over the map. Everything from Meat Loaf to Al Jolson. I went down to the dock one more time and caught this image in the fading light. 

Then before we knew it it was time to head home. We went home early because I really didn't want to deal with the long weekend traffic on Monday. As it was the traffic was still more heavy than normal 

In the last fading light of the day I grabbed this one last picture before we hit the road. 

So all in all I just have to say this was one of the more enjoyable outings I've been on in a while. A weekend of good food, good friends and good drink that doesn't happen as often as I would like. Well that's it for me so until tomorrow, bye-bye.

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