Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Dealing with a Diva

Today is the day that our cat dreads and when I write dread I mean going into full diva mode. I'll admit I kinda dread it too because our little fluffy kitty turns into such a pathetic little wretch it just tears a guy up inside. 

The Diva
The morning dawned bright and clear and all was well until it was time to get ready. I used a little guile and snuck up on the cat. Then it was game on, you wouldn't believe a tiny eight pound cat could put up such a fight but strength and resolve won the day. I loaded the little diva into the truck to the accompaniment of her pathetic how could you do this to me, cries and we were off. 

The Clinic cat
I arrived at the vets on time with no real issues except for the whining diva in the crate next to me. When I took Puddie Tat inside she chose that time to ramp up the howling. There's this big white cat that roams the vet clinic who decided to come over and see what all the racket was about. Calmly the cat gets up on hind legs and looks inside the crate at Puddie Tat. Then she softly meows twice at Puddie Tat who shuts up. Once peace and quiet were restored the big fluffy clinic cat wandered away. 

The Diva scoping
out the office
Once the vet had finished with another feline she was seeing we went in and when I got Puddie Tat out of the crate she was fine. I had a pleasant chat with the vet, Puddie was checked and was given her vaccinations then it was of for home. Of course our little diva had to do the whining thing when we were in the truck and all the way home. When we got home it took a few minutes and several treats before the trust issues were dissipated  One thing our little Puttie Tat knows is nothing buys bygones quicker than treats. As I write this everything in our little cat's world is back to normal.

Well that's about all for now from my little corner of paradise. This afternoon I've some chores that need tending to but other wise I'm expecting a quiet day. So until tomorrow, bye- bye. 

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