Sunday, 30 July 2017

The weekend that was

This past weekend was the first this summer not to be spoiled by rain. It was dry Friday and Saturday and Sunday and it was amazing. We started the weekend with some baby back ribs and veggies (I know but my wife insists) on the grill. 

On Saturday we didn't have any real plans so we just enjoyed the day which was nice for a change. Then on Sunday we went over to our friend S's place in town. It was a nice hot day and she has a pool so her place was the in place to be. After my wife and S finished swimming and I finished a bottle of wine, we went out looking for a little sustenance. The first place we came to was closed so it was on to plan B. Then we went to a second restaurant and found it closed as well so we were off on plan C. Lucky for us it was open. The meal we had was scrumptious and I almost finished it but the portion size was just a little to big.  

After dinner we went back to S's place for some tea and conversation. Sooner than I wanted it was time to go. Hugs and goodbyes made, we were on the road. As I drove along I came by the bay which had a good number of boats in it for a change. 

I'm hoping that after the false starts we have had the good summer weather has finally come upon us. I know if I listen hard enough I can almost hear the Fates laughing. That's it from me until tomorrow, bye-bye.

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