Thursday, 20 July 2017

The stock project

I'm a retired guy who like to live life on his own terms. One of those terms is that I get some sleep without being woke up early unless it's absolutely necessary. Today started with the sound of earth movers, dump trucks and back up beepers at the ungodly hour of seven. The town where I reside has finally started the clear the ditch line project which is wonderful, but did they have to start in the middle of the night? Kidding aside I'm glad they started this and I hope it will take care of the poison ivy issue in the ditch. I'm a little tired of having a guy come in and kill it as the poison ivy tries to invade my property. 

Seeing I was up early I went and, after getting some breakfast, I decided to do a little more work on the SKS stock. Seeing the minor issue of placing the wet stock down on a table after staining it last time I checked around and found a length of dowel. This I chucked into my table mate then I put the stock on the dowel. This worked perfectly at keeping all sides of the stock from coming into contact with anything that could mar the finish. I gave the stock a second coat of stain then, after securing the lid of the stain bucket, I called it a day. 

The stock all dried after the 1st coat.

The stain I'm using on this project is left over stuff. It's the same stain that we used for the exterior walls of our log home. Right now I'm in a bit of a quandary, this stain is designed for exterior applications and when applied is as tough as nails. Where my indecision comes in is seeing how well the stain protects the logs of our home do I really need to put a coat or two of varnish on the stock as well? I'm going to hold off on the decision until Saturday when I see how tomorrow's coat looks. 

2nd coat of stain applied. One more coat to go.

There really wasn't much use in hanging around the workshop watching the stain dry so I went back to the house. I hadn't noticed what was going on outside while I was focused of the stock. Seeing this as their perfect opportunity the fates moved in a thunder cloud and I got a little wet dodging the rain drops. Since it's supposed to rain for the majority of the rest of the day I'm not planning on doing that much.  

So until the morrow I bid you farewell...

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