Friday, 21 July 2017

Out for a stroll

Today was one of those glorious summer days, it felt like a shame to sit inside and do nothing. After some breakfast I looked outside and said to heck with it, grabbed my Tilley and a second later I was outward bound. 

Instead of my usual haunt, Scout Valley, I chose a local trek. The place my neighbors call "the farm." It's a huge farm that the owner doesn't farm on any more. A place that's up for sale but the price the owner wants is way too much. The owner is a good sport about people walking on his property. While there's a no trespass sign at the gate, it's there simply for liability issues. 

The entrance is via a long tree lined path.
After walking down the path I came across a fellow traveler. A teen that was cooking some lunch over a small fire. We chatted for a moment and then I left him to his meal. Further on the area opens up to a nice little vista of the country side. 

Checking out the view
The sun was getting real warm and I was glad I had thought to bring my Tilley and some water. It seemed like when ever I looked around there was a nice new view to take in. After a few minutes I came upon the old farm house, or the remains of the old farm house. 

It was a  little piece of dystopian architecture in my backyard. I remember being out here a couple of years ago and the overgrowth was no where near as bad. Looking at the  old stone structure and the growth I figure that in a couple of decades you will not even know this was ever here. 

The sun was getting pretty hot by this time so I decided to head for home. When I left the area I left it as I found it without a trace. 

Once back on the road for home I stopped and looked for a second. One thing that caught my eye was the straightness of the road. Looking at the road reminded me of a conversation with friends from Germany. They don't really have roads that go on as straight as ours do.

It just goes on and on and on...
As I walked down our street I saw what the workers had done to the ditch line on one of the side streets. It did look good but it made me wonder where the heck they were today with no thunder boomers in the forecast. 

Took them a whole day to
do around seven hundred yards.
If they ever get around to doing our street before the snow flies I'm planning to get and put down a layer of grass seed. But that all depends upon if this is done while there still is time to grow grass. 

After getting home and having a little water, I went out to the workshop to check on the SKS stock. 

It's coming along nicely
I looked at the stock for a second or two and decided it was stained enough. I mixed up a batch of varnish and mineral spirits, gave the stock a very light sanding then a coat of the diluted varnish. Tomorrow I'll will give it the second of three coats with Sunday being the day I finish putting the varnish on. If everything goes well and I don't have to sand everything back to bare wood I should be done on Monday. 

Well that's it from my little corner of the planet. As to posting, today's Friday so no posts until Monday. Enjoy the weekend.



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