Monday, 24 July 2017

My tax dollars at work

On Friday night I had forgotten it was "cocktails on the deck" but several of the neighbours didn't. The house may have been a bit of a mess but we partied anyway. Neighbour B brought over a big jug of an alcoholic concoction of his one design and we hoisted a few. In all we had a lot of laughs and I'd say it was a good evening. 

This past weekend was a quiet one with a mix of sun on Saturday and overcast/rain on Sunday. Not to much went on, I got another two coats of spar varnish on the stock, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The stock is looking very nice and the photo does not do it justice. 

Still a little tacky but it's done.
On Saturday I had every intention of cutting the lawn. Out I went after lunch. Fuel was a go, weather was a go, battery... not so much so I put it on charge figuring I would give it a few hours then have another go. After four hours of charging the lawn tractor would not even turn over. I really could not check the battery fluid levels because it is a sealed type. The grass wasn't that long anyway so I figured on holding off until today. 

I had to go into town today anyway for a card and gift for my friend Bro-in-law P so I thought I'd stop and pick up a battery at the same time. I checked the store website and found that they had two batteries in stock so off I went. 

Dead battery in hand I arrived at the store and I asked for a replacement. Off the clerk went. She checked high, she checked low and couldn't find any of these batteries even though there were two in stock. I was a nice guy and didn't yell or cause a fuss, I just thanked the lady for here attempt and left the way I had come with the old dead battery in hand. 

The clerk disappeared into
this black hole

I should have known better and went to this store. There is a kinda repetition about this place, a kinda snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as it were. The experience reaffirmed my distaste for dealing with these guys. 

I then stopped and picked up some lottery tickets and a card for the Bro-in-law then I went home. I turned onto my street and there they were, the ditch diggers clearing out the ditch line. Not like it was in the old days when digging a ditch was hard labour, today they get power equipment. Ah my tax dollars at work.

Not like the days when being a ditch digger was hard
At the slow rate they are going I figure they'll be finished tomorrow. In my travels I'll pick up some grass seed and put it down. Hopefully this will keep the poison ivy at bay.

That's about it for now so until tomorrow bye-bye.

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