Friday, 28 July 2017

Links day

Well here we are, it's Friday and the living is easy. Yesterday my lovely other half and I went out for the usual things, we did a bit of shopping in town and stopped by a travel agency. and we booked our fall trip. The game plan is to fly over to Europe for three and a half weeks. We are going to do a stop over in Reykjavik Iceland for a few days. Then we're off to Paris for a few days followed by a couple of weeks in Germany and finally back home. One of the nice things is we will be flying Icelandair. They let people stop off for up to a week then travel on and it's considered a layover not a separate flight and that saves serious bucks.

Looking at the media this morning I noticed the baggage handlers at the airport have gone on strike. I'm glad they chose to do this now as opposed to when we are leaving. And while we are on the subject of travel it looks like we are going to purchase one of these items so we can still be online. I know we could go without but what the heck.

I've been looking around at the news stories this morning and some of them just amaze me while others crack me up. Take for example the shiny and new Director of Communications for the White House Anthony Scaramucci. Turns out he went to the Tony Soprano school of public relations, bada bing, bada boom.

Finally there is an electric vehicle that if it lives up to the hype is one I would actually consider buying. It's an SUV that has everything I'm looking for. It's quick, durable, has a good range, can tow up to three tons, is modular... yep everything I want. What this means is when they announce the price it will be way out of my range. 

For years the Canadian Border Services Agency front line people wanted guns. The wanted them because there were safety issues, because there were bad guys behind every bush, because every day they were in mortal danger. Oh and let's not forget the American Customs guys were packing heat too. Well it turn out that since they were trained and started to carry guns in 2007 they've pulled out them big old hog legs 299 times and shot them 18 times in 10 years. One little thing they don't want people talking about is of those 18 shots fired 11 of them were accidental. Oh how we are all so much safer since the tax collectors starting packing guns.

Oh, and speaking about packing heat...  

I noticed that there are those who are not that fond of Green Peace. Well for these folks in the timber industry I do sincerely wish them the best of luck in their attempt to sue

I was reading about this insecure chump who murdered his wife because she... (drum roll please) laughed at him. If he was insecure enough to kill someone he loves over being laughed at, I wonder how he will do in the pen.

Once again I say there are those who should be forced to watch a movie about a subject they are working on. In this case the movie should be Star Trek the Wrath of Khan. It looks like these scientists are in the process of creating Khan's parents

And we all know how well Kahn turned out...

Well that's about all I've got so, since it's Friday, I shall post again on Monday. Have as good a weekend as you can. 

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