Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Isn't it always the way?

Today is another one of those hot hazy humid days. A day  where the weathertainers have prognosticated an end to the world in the form of thunderstorms this afternoon. Well at least I don't have to be outside with the risk of being zapped like this guy was. 

After lunch I went into town, I had to stop by the hospital for a little paperwork. I got there OK and parked then I was off for the main entrance. Before I got that far I noticed one of the stranger sights that I had never seen before. Outside the main entrance near the parking lot was an ambulance with a pair of paramedics working on a guy. I reached for the phone to take a couple of snaps only to find the pocket I usually keep it in empty, damn. My cell phone was still at home.

Of course being the inquisitive (AKA nosey) guy I am, when I went in I asked around to see what was going on. After all it's not every day that an ambulance responds to a call at a hospital. Turns out that a guy had just parked his car and was headed for the entrance with chest pains and dropped. Two passers by stopped to help and one went into the hospital and told staff what was going so so they called 911. 

Once the hospital was dealt with I went over to Scout Valley. The walk along the paths was nice and it cleared my mind a bit. Once again I missed the cellphone with the camera because there were a few things I would have photographed and posted. 

Well that's enough bantering for now. I promise to keep the cellphone upon my person and if anything comes up post it. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.

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