Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Home on the range

It's a nice hot sunny and cloudy, don't like the sky hold off a few minutes, kinda day. I said the heck with the chores and grabbed the clubs then took off for the driving range. Once there I spent a few hours hitting balls and going through the various drills. 

It was a nice time and restored some of my faith in my abilities after the debacle of the other day. The drives averaged 230 yards and playable. The short clubs were also good.  I even hit a few one handed drives and all was well. I had to laugh the course pro came around trolling for business. After chatting with the guy in the next tee she came over and watched me for a minute or so. As I was taking another ball out of the bucket ! looked at her and she smiled. Then she told me that obviously her services were not needed. I laughed at that, thanked her then resumed my practice. 

The majority of the driver hits managed to ping off the
old satellite dish around 225 yards away.

After I finished the bucket I got into the truck and checked my new weather app. It's called WTForcast and every time you open it up there's these really rude comments. For example:

Have to say I check the weather more frequently than I once did. What the heck why shouldn't the weathertainers be entertaining.

Well it's just about supper time  My wife and I are once again in the infernal circular argument... "So what do you want for dinner?" She doesn't feel like cooking because it's too hot so I'm going to exercise my limited skills on the BBQ. I just haven't decided what yet. 

That's about it from me for now. Until tomorrow bye-bye... 

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