Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Golf, for some a good walk spoiled

This morning saw me up and out early. I know, what was the big emergency that made me crawl out at the ungodly hour of seven in the morning. Well let me tell you, I had a tee time booked for eight thirty and I had to get ready. 

After making myself presentable I managed to get out with enough time to grab an apple and some water. I met my friend J at the course and, after paying my green fees, we were out an about. As games go this one was a damn sight better than the debacle I went through the last time I teed off. No whiffed balls for me. Except for the normal issue of putting my game wasn't that bad. I'm managing to hit a fair distance and keep it in play so all is good. 

Looking back at
"the tree" on
the 6th.
On the sixth hole I had my usual run in with "the tree." The hole is a long par five that has a right angle dog leg. To make it interesting there is a humongous tree in the fairway just after the turn that no matter what I do I seem to always hit. I was kidding with J about trees being ninety percent air. My reality is that if trees are ninety percent air I will manage to hit the ten percent that is tree ninety percent of the time. Sigh.  

Bringing it on home, just about to
tee off on the 9th hole

Because there was a call for rain in the noon/afternoon time frame we only played nine. For me that was fine, I just wanted to get out for a few holes anyway. After I left the club on my return trip home I took a minute to "stop and look at the flowers." That's something I'm trying to do more of these days. 

Lake St George, on an overcast day it's better than
any sunny day in the big city.
When I arrived home I had a cup of coffee then went out to work on the stock. Today I put a coat of light stain on the stock. I'm glad I picked up some latex gloves the other day or this process would have been very messy. Tomorrow will see the first of three coats of varnish on the stock. At the rate I'm going the rifle should be ready to go on Sunday. 

Well that's about all that's worth writing about. Until tomorrow adieu.   

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