Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Actually getting things done

What I woke up to
Who would have thought it, I actually got something done today. This morning I was serenaded to the lovely sounds of construction equipment outside. The ditch diggers had returned with a vengeance. So I did what any self respecting retired person would do at seven thirty in the morning, I went to the washroom then closed the window and went back to bed. Dawn, take two, happened around nine which for me is a much more respectable hour. 

Around eleven thirty my wife and I went into to the semi big city. She had an appointment and I had to get a replacement battery for the tractor. After dropping my lovely lady off I went to see about the battery. 

Once again I lugged the battery under one arm into a shop but this time the person I spoke with actually understood what was going on. I was in the process of waffling about two batteries one being one hundred and fifty amp and the other being two hundred and sixty amp. The difference being around thirty bucks. A clerk came over and asked if he could help and I explained the problem, that I'm cheap. He pointed out that the two hundred and sixty amp battery would last longer and provide better service. He also said it was on sale and only ten dollars more even though there was no on sale sign. I pointed this out and he smiled saying that if he said it was on sale, it was on sale. Not one to argue I  bought the battery. 
Battery installed

Ditch diggers are
After picking my wife up we headed for home. It was a near thing when we arrived home because the ditch diggers had the street blocked. Anyway we managed to get around these guys and once home I had a bite to eat. 

Once the inner man was sated I went out and installed the battery. One thing the guy had warned me about was the battery would need a charge. I said screw it and boosted it with the truck battery and cut the lawn. 

Once the lawn was done I looked around at the damage the ditch diggers had done. There was a nice bit of over growth at the front of the house and now it's gone. Gone to are the pussy willows my wife liked so much. Tomorrow I'll pick up some grass seed and mix it with the remains of the compost. Then I will seed the ditch line. The game plan is to try and stop the return of the weeds and poison ivy. I know, good luck to me but I will do my best. 
Hey where did my home go?
One thing I did notice while I was looking at the ditch was a poor little displace frog. I bet he was wondering what had happened to his nice environment. Oh well I'm sure he will survive.  Well that's about all from me for now. Life goes on and so I must go. Until tomorrow bye-bye.

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