Wednesday, 26 July 2017

1st World problems

This morning saw me up a little earlier than my norm, I had to get my wife moving. One of her friends was picking her up at ten thirty for a day at the cottage, never mind we already live in the country. 

My original game plan was for  day at the range with the newly reconstructed SKS but a quick check of the weather proved it was not going to be. It's no fun busting caps when it's raining out. I know, what a baby, doesn't want to get wet. With my wife gone and nothing to do I figured I'd have a go at cleaning up the mess the ditch diggers left. Out I went with rake and machete in hand to do battle. It took the better part of an hour and a half but I got all the foliage cut down and transported to the brush pile so now the front looks like this...

While I was working away I noticed a little movement in the water. I stopped and looked a little closer and sure enough there was Mr Froggy. Another movement and there was Mr Froggy's friend. Soon after a little looking I spotted three frogs. These guys I'll do my best not to disturb because they eat bugs of the blood sucking kind. 
You ever have the feeling of being watched?

I kind felt sorry for the destruction of their habitat until I realized it is the same habitat that  promotes the growth of mosquitoes, poison ivy and a host of other things that I don't like. Tomorrow, depending upon the weather, I'll be out working on the ditch again. In the morning I'm going to get some grass seed and after roughing up the soil I'll put the seed down and water the hell out of it. Anyway, we will see how it goes. 
Looking at the day I see that so far I am beset with first world issues. I chose not to go to the range because I didn't want to get wet. So I stayed at home cleaning up the left overs from the town workers who did a job I wasn't willing to do. Thank goodness I don't have any real problems. 
That's about all for now, bye-bye.




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