Tuesday, 6 June 2017

You ever have that feeling?

This morning started early, zero dark six thirty early to be precise. What woke me up at that ungodly hour was the phone. Some idiot tried to fax something and entered the wrong number, my number. I don't know how this person was but I will say one thing about them, who ever the person was did this I wish upon this person the pox and any other pestilence that may care to visit him or her.

Watch cat
I went down stairs in a bathrobe and had a little sustenance and when I went to put my dishes away I had that feeling, the one in the back of the head that says you're being watched. I slowly turned and sure enough there was our cat intently watching me. Then it was back to the personal confuser to catch up on the news.

Here it is almost noon and I'm still at the personal confuser. The only thing I have managed so far on this dreary day was to adjust the drain on the bathroom sink. Once this is done I'm going out for a while. I want to visit a plumbing supply store in town and get the parts so I can run a line from the outside tap to the deck where it will be more easy to turn off.

Later folks, got to run.

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