Sunday, 25 June 2017

Wasn't that a party

All the running around over the past few days came to fruition yesterday. We had a few friends over to celebrate my wife's thirtieth anniversary of her thirtieth birthday. That's why the Costco run on Thursday and all the cleanup around the house and all the frustrations with the power washer. Meh, in the end it all turned out fine. 

Did I mention that it was a pig roast? I went out around ten thirty and picked up Mr. Arnold Ziffel AKA the pig and all the other accouterments that goes with him. Once back home I managed to get the BBQ going and at eleven my lovely wife gave me a hand to get Mr. Arnold Ziffel was on. 
Mr. Arnold Ziffel
The first guests showed up a little before two and we put them to work helping to set up. It's OK they were cousins and had previously said they would be early to help. The party began in earnest as the guests trickled in. All the while I had a sinking feeling that a lot would be no shows. In the end I was wrong, while there were a few we had others who I didn't expect to see. One person who I missed seeing was my wife's uncle who was also her Godfather. He had an excuse, the silly guy had a tumble the other day and busted a foot.

Around three thirty I checked Mr. Arnold Ziffel and he was ready. My bro-in-law and I got him off the grill to let him sit for an hour.
Mr. Arnold Ziffel... Done!
The sit time was to give Mr. Arnold Ziffe a chance to cool. At four thirty my bro-in-law and I set to work and by five we had the pig picked clean and dinner was served.

The party went on until around sunset with all of us gabbing and catching up. I did have a few games out with the hit being our giant jenga game. It was funny I would be talking to some friends on the other side of the house and suddenly there would be this loud crash. The first time this happened the person I was talking to look around in surprise and said "what the hell was that?" I'd laugh and say jenga and off they would go to watch.

In all it was a good day with good old friends, some good fun and good food. I did over do it a bit and things got a little painful near the end but it was all worth it. 

That's about all from me, please resume having fun while I start doing the cleanup. Bye-bye.


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