Monday, 26 June 2017

Wasn't that a party - part two

Saturday night and there we were sitting having some coffee relaxing and looking around at the refuse left over from the party. We were contemplating starting to do the after action clean up when the phone rang. It was an old friend, C, who had been at the party and had we seen or found a cell phone. 

C was utterly convinced that the phone must be here because the last place she remembered having it was at the party. So outside we went with big flashlights looking... no luck. 

Sunday came and after coffee there we were outside in daylight looking for the phone and picking up stuff at the same time, no luck. I even went under the deck with a rake thinking if the phone was on the rail and was knocked off... but once again no luck. Out to look where they got into their car also with the rake. The thought being if it fell on the grass she would not have heard it fall. Still no joy on our finding the phone. 

We looked again just before lunch but the search time was limited. The weathertainers had issued a severe thunderstorm warning for are area and the sky had started to turn ugly. 

Weathertainers were right for a change. The downpour
started within ten minutes of the prediction.

I took a look at my weather app on the phone and the prediction was for the storm to start around twelve thirty. A short time later the skies opened up with torrential rain and hail. Curious, I looked at my watch. The time was twelve thirty eight. While not a perfect call the weathertainers were in the ten ring as it were, so score one for the weathertainers. 

After the rain we had another look but had given up any hope of finding the cell phone. That evening C called and my wife told her about the lack of progress. So our friend decided that she would come out and take a look today, this morning in fact. 

I was up early today and managed to get all the recyclables and the remains of Mr. Arnold Ziffel all wrapped up to the curb. Then after getting coffee on and the other must do morning chores out of the way I resumed picking up. The phone rang and it was our friend C. I asked her for some good news and sure enough the phone had been found so we were off the hook. 

It turns out that when she arrived home upon getting out of her truck she had placed the phone on the roof of the vehicle. grabbed her stuff and went inside then couldn't find the phone. The next day after going out when she returned home with her very tall husband they got out of the car and he noticed the phone and gave it to her. 

I'm glad that everything turned out OK, in her business the cellphone is a indispensable tool. As for me I'm happy, happy for her that she found the phone and happy for me in a selfish way. This whole time during all the searching in the back of my mine I kept wondering if I had missed something or if I had looked everywhere. All's well that ends well as they say.

Speaking of ends well, until the morrow goodbye my friends. 

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