Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Things that go boom in the night..

Today was one of those that started early with a little shake rattle and roll. Early this morning the hot humid temps we had been dealing with were broken as a line of thunder boomers went through. Not only were they loud, the thunder storms were dish rattling loud. I did manage a few hours zzz after that but last night wasn't a happy night for sleeping, it was just too damn hot.

Up, showered and presentable, or as presentable as a guy can be with several days growth of hair on his face, I met the day. Later it was off to the semi big city with my wife. She had an appointment and I needed a few things at Lowe's. I needed some parts to fix my elderly BBQ and while there I figured on grabbing a quartet of salt bags for the softener. 

While I was looking around Lowe's I noticed they had BBQ's on sale. I've wanted a new one for a while now since my Chinese hunk of scrap has started to fail. The only problem is cost. For me price isn't a big issue but I am cheap. While I can still make the BBQ at home work with a few bucks worth of parts I'll be damned if I'm going to blow a grand on a new unit. 

If I stay still nobody
will notice me.
Checkout done I was off to pick up my wife. Just before I entered the medical building where my wife was, I had this feeling of being watched. I tend to take these feeling seriously so I stopped, looked around then slowly looked up. There he was, a little black squirrel staring intently at me. I looked at him and wondered about how an animal could get into such a position, then I went inside for my wife. 

After we got home I had a nap attack and got woke by a call from the hospital. Yesterday they had called with an appointment for an ultrasound and the date/time was a no go so I asked for another appointment. They had a new appointment for me that, while it's at a later date, works. 

Since I was up and at 'em I figured I might as well work on the BBQ. The parts I had to replace were the heat defusers, all four of them. It didn't take that long and now the Q will work a lot better. I noticed when the unit was apart that I may get another season out of it but that's about all. There are a couple of areas where the body has rusted through. I could go get some aluminum and cover the gaps but to what end? It will only rot out at other locations. So when the time comes I shall take the Q to the dump an replace it but not before I have to. 

Well that's it for now, bye-bye.

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