Tuesday, 20 June 2017


This morning I was up and at 'em at quarter to eight. After some sustenance, excluding coffee because I didn't want to wake my wife, I was hard at it with the power washer. Around ten I hung it up because the pain in my side had spiked. Since my wife was awake I got the coffee on and relaxed for a bit. I finally broke down and took some pain killers around noon.

A little after one in the PM found me at the hospital for an x-ray then it was off the the pee-pee Doc. Once there I relaxed as best I could but between this guy sitting next to me yapping about a business deal and the pain in my side it was a loosing battle. 

Once inside the inner sanctum I calmly waited for the arrival of Dr O. While sitting there looking around at all the diagrams of various parts of the male and female anatomy I noticed a mounted fish on the wall. 

The fur bearing trout fish
Looking at the "fur bearing trout" brought me back from the very dark place my mood was taking me. As I was laughing at the "trout" Dr. O walked in and we had a chat. The long and the short of it is that next week, God willing and it the creek don't rise, I'm of for a day surgery to get rid of the pesky shards. The six by nine millimeter stone had broken up into six very jagged pieces plainly visible in the X-Ray. He also pointed out another stone and said that while he was in there he would take care of that one too. 
Well progress is being made on the deck front and the kidney stone front so all things considered today hasn't been to bad a day. Tomorrow I'm gonna have another go at the deck. Hopefully I will have that done by noon or I will (figuratively speaking) die trying. 
That's it from me so until tomorrow TTFN (ta-ta for now). 


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