Thursday, 15 June 2017

Playing catch up

I just realized that I didn't post anything yesterday, my bad. Don't worry all is good, I haven't managed to do myself anymore hurt.

Yesterday was for me a putter around the house kinda day. Mostly all I did was read my book, drink water and pee. I did do a little work in the shop but nothing to strenuous.

Puttering around in the workshop
A while back I built a Giant Jenga game and I've never been very happy with the results. So I ran the wood pieces through the table saw and squared them up. The next step is to shorten them  so they, when assembled, are a square. 

This morning I was off to the big city for lunch with my friend R. He had acquired a new/old  camera and needed a battery for it. Of course the manufacturer had them at eighty bucks (yes $80) plus shipping. R told me about the dilemma so I went on line, found one at a very reasonable price ($11, shipping included) and ordered it. In return I made him buy me lunch. 

When I got home I found that a new shiny I had ordered had arrived. A few days ago it was stinking hot. So hot I even commented about it, hot. I was looking around the web and came across a portable air conditioner. Not one of those that sit in the window kind but one that sits on the floor with the exhaust going to the window. 

The new shiny
It took a little finagling but I managed to get it set up. Then there was the twenty minutes spent lopping up the cardboard container it came in. The game plan now is when it gets hot out we will cool the bedroom down an hour or so before bedtime. Hopefully this will give us a fighting chance at some rest. 

Well that's about all I have for now so bye-bye till the morrow.   

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