Thursday, 1 June 2017

Making square pegs fit round holes

After my last post I figured the heck with it and went out to do the lawn. Once again the dark clouds rolled in so I changed tack, I went to the workshop and carried on making dowels. 

My new & improved dowel jig
I worked at changing the square lengths of wood into round dowels for around an hour before I got frustrated. The system works fine but the operator's a klutz. The issue is the length I'm working with tends to wobble when turned and wobbles cause breakage. In the end I was busting one dowel for every two I made. Some of them were salvageable but not a lot. 

Wood in the chuck ready to go
One of the things I did to reduce the wobble was level the wood when I chucked it in the drill. This helped but not as much as I would have liked. 

Turning square lengths
of wood into dowels
I even mounted a length of copper pipe for the wood to go into. The thought being I'd hold the top portion with a gloved hand and the pipe would steady the lower half. This worked but not as well as I would have liked. I've ended up with around twenty dowels that will be two feet long. The length is OK but the number is too few. I need another twelve. The problem is just about every strip of wood I have left has knots in it and the wood tends to break at those knots.

After I cleaned up my mess and had a coffee I relaxed for a bit and continued my cat and mouse game with the rain clouds. Finally the beak came just after dinner. My wife went out to her club thing and I got the lawn tractor fueled. For the next hour it was round and round and round we go but finally the lawn was done. All the while I was spit on by the clouds with their ever present threat of a downpour. 

Today I'm going to build the base and mount the screen. Later I'm going to visit Toys R Us and pick up a bag of balls. While I'm out I'll pick up some wood plant stakes to make up the balance of the wood I need. Then it's a little paint and we are off to the races.

More later, bye for now. 

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