Saturday, 10 June 2017

Living with the Sword of Damocles

Yesterday was on of those days. After a late lunch and the short blog post I worked at getting things ready for cocktails with the neighbours. While my wife went out I got the lawn cut, deck sorted out and the fire pit area taken care of including trimming back some trees, yes we were ready. 

The only thing missing was the guests and the beer.
I went inside around five thirty for some supper and more water. I stopped for a visit to the little boy's room and that's when I noticed a slight problem, my urine was a deep red wine colour. I told my wife about it and she instantly went into full mother mode. While she insisted we need to go to the hospital I went and had more water because (a) I knew the hospital would want a urine sample and (b) I didn't know how much blood I was leaking internally and I wanted the fluids.  

After sending out a few texts telling people cocktail night was off we were off to the hospital. When we got there my wife showed again that she loves me even when she's angry with me because she came to a complete stop at emerge to let me off before parking the car. There would be no tuck and roll for me this evening. My wife was a little angry with me because while I've been in pain I have been playing down the amount in a feeble attempt to not worry her. 

Once past triage and into the hospital system it didn't take long to be seen by a doctor. Urine sample given, x-rays taken the Doc and I had a little chat. He could not find the stone in the kidney. It looks like the stone may have broken up after all into little glass like shards and one of them cut me while I was working. So for now the game plan is to drink lots and lots and lots of water and hopefully pass the shards. Until this happens I'm living under the sword of Damocles. I'm afraid if I get into any serious work that one of these little bastards shards is going to start slicing and dicing again. 

Anyway... please resume your weekend fun, I'll post again on Monday.

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