Monday, 19 June 2017

Just another monday

The day dawned bright and I was up early, well at least early by my standards. Today I was going to continue with the chores with the one at the top of the hit parade being the deck.

On the weekend I managed to get a little work done. One of the tasks I wanted finished was the Giant Jenga game.  

I turned around to see this, a down pour of epic proportions.
I had trimmed and squared the blocks of wood the other day and now it was time to trim then to length and sand them down. While the task was easy with the use of a stop block on the chop saw it was repetitive. With the ear defenders on and my back to the door I didn't realize that a monsoon had started outside.

While it took a while I did manage to get the job done. The set looks better now and works better as well.
All done
Today I've been trying to get the deck done but the Gods have decided to be against me. I was going to power wash the deck but the power washer has displayed it's Chinese, Canadian Tire heritage buy refusing to start. I changed the fuel for fresh, check the plug and the connections but it's no go. So I have been doing things the old fashioned way with a mop. I've had to take five to let the sun move so there isn't direct light before I use the deck bright. I figure I'll have to cool my jets until around three thirty or four local time. The it will be once again unto the breach for me.   

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I get to see the Doc and find out what the next plan of attack is. One thing that has been a constant today was the pain I've been feeling. It's OK pain is just weakness leaving the body. I just didn't know that I had so much weakness. 

That's it for now, I'll be back tomorrow so until then have as much fun as you can. 


After fighting with the deck for a couple of hours I came to the conclusion it was a lost cause with the stuff I had i.e. a scrub brush, soap and water. I went into town and picked up a few things including four stroke oil and a spark plug.

When I got home I gapped the plug and installed it in the pressure washer and I did a quick oil change. After priming the motor I gave it a hell of a pull and it flashed right up. Now I'm cooking with gas. I got around half on one of the sides done and after a short pause I'll be at it again. So until tomorrow, bye-bye. 

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