Monday, 5 June 2017

I made a new friend

Last Friday after the ladies had left and our friend S arrived we saddled up and headed out. Destination Leamington, in the heart of Canada's banana belt. The drive down was a long one not only distance wise but traffic wise.  I was lucky my wife had insisted on doing the lions share of the driving so I got to nap and watch as the world sometimes raced past, sometimes crawled past.

This is Boris
When we got to our sunny destination our hosts P&J met us with hugs and handshakes, then we met Boris.

Let me explain a little about Boris, he is a puppy. A rather large... puppy at eleven months and a little over eighty pounds of playful enthusiasm. Boris is a Black Russian Terrier who, at eleven months, is the size of a small pony.  In the months to come Boris will fill out at a hundred plus pounds.

That evening we went out for an incredible  meal at this hole in the wall sized restaurant  and then it was back to our digs and Boris.  We caught up with each other's lives over  the course of the evening and played with  the puppy. 

Boris trying to take chew toy from P
Next day P and I took Boris for a walk. It  was  interesting to see the reactions of  people and other dogs to Boris. There was  one little incident where a couple had a small dog on a leash and were not paying attention. The little dog rushed at Boris, all teeth and barking, while Boris was held in check by P. At the last second the little dogs owner realized something was wrong, turned and stopped the charge with his leash control. Then this idiot had the nerve to yell at P who had Boris under control. P have him a warning and we moved on. 

Once at home we had a little sustenance then headed out to visit a few wineries. While we were out I did pick up a few bottles and did a fair bit of sampling. It was a good thing that P doesn't drink. Normally I'm the guy who gets to watch as the others try out the various wines. Then it was back home and P made us an great dinner. It would have been five star but the butter was hard. 😀 A little explanation, P wanted to warm the butter in the microwave and we laughed at him, saying the place had been five star until "the butter incident." In reality if there was a star rating the weekend would have been a five star plus. After dinner we sat around and chatted over drinks and played with the puppy until eyelids refused to stay open then it was off to bed.

Sunday saw us homeward bound. We did make decent time but with the traffic, my wife's back issues and my kidney issues it wasn't a pleasant drive. 

Down there the wind blows and this is being harnessed
We were home around four and were so warn out we decided to stay home. I was so tired I didn't even want to go fetch a pizza, my wife called, made the order and it was delivered. I felt bad because one of the neighbors was having a party that evening and we had said we would go and didn't. I was sacked out around seven thirty and I didn't see the light of day until nine. I guess I'm not the traveler that I used to be.

Well that's it for me, now it's time to get out and see what mischief I can get into. Until tomorrow, bye-bye. 


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