Monday, 12 June 2017

Crotch Pot Cooking...

I managed to survive the weekend. Yesterday I did a little work around the old rancho, managing to get the water issue for my wife's flowers solved though not to my satisfaction. Right now I figure it's better than it was so that's an improvement. The game plan for the water is to connect the tap to copper pipe and run that pipe to the area where I need the water then put a valve at the end to turn it off or on. 

During the course of the day on Sunday we got all the stuff out for the deck. My wife went into town and got the hanging baskets plus the vegetables for the garden. Now we are in summer mode.
Not a great pic but
this is our home at night.
Last night I muled the trash out. It was such a warm lovely evening I stayed outside for a while, savouring the stars and life in general. It was so nice I even tried to take a pic of our home in the dark. 

Today I must get a few things done regardless of the heat or other issues. Heat... yes I know, I whined about the cold last winter and now I'm whining that it's too hot. It's so hot there's a heat warning in effect. Add to this a bit of humidity and we have what the late Robin Williams once called crotch pot cooking. 

I wouldn't be too surprised to see some pop up thunder boomers later. Anyway I've got to get going. That's it for now unless something worth writing about pops up or, I hope, out.

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