Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A day off at my wife's request

This morning found me awake a little before nine and playing with the cat. After getting cleaned up I dove into the daily news over coffee and a little sustenance. While scanning the doom watch and having a little fun at the expense of others on Twitter my wife asked me what my plans for the day were. I started thinking furiously about things I could get done but before I could answer she said I should take the day off and go to the range. Before she could second guess herself I was getting the gear together. Once everything was packed I hit the road for the range. 

The trip to the range was nice what with the warm temps and the bright sunny blue sky. I figured that there would be a few others at the club when I got there but no, I was all alone. 

I set up all the paraphernalia (range warning flags and signs) when I arrived then set up my targets and my gear. All I had with me on this wonderful day was my .22 Ruger 1022 rifle. For the next two and a half hours I put lead down range. 

There's just so
much stuff
Doing the
Mozambique Drill
After a while I noticed the little rifle wasn't hitting in a consistent spot. The point of aim was wandering as I pulled the trigger. Out came the Leatherman and off came the scope. I found that the scope hadn't been mounted properly, my bad. So for the next two hours I went stone age with iron sights. It really didn't make that much of a distance the target was only twenty five yards away. 

I got board with simply sitting, aiming and squeezing the trigger so I started going through some speed drills. I started with a simple snap where the rifle is down then raised fast and when the sight is on target the trigger is pulled. Then I went on to the rifle version of the Mozambique Drill. This is good for eye hand coordination but one has to remember that with speed one always looses accuracy. Well after two and a half hours of fun it was time to head for the barn. After cleaning up my mess (spent brass, used targets) I took down the flags, signed out, locked up the gate and headed for home.  

Until next time, bye for now. 


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