Thursday, 4 May 2017

Thursday ramblings

Once again I managed to roust myself out of a nice slumber before the alarm this morning. It's not that often any more that I'm up before seven in the AM and I have to say right here and now I'm not a fan of getting up at that ungodly hour.

I had the truck at the shop for eight and handed the keys to M who owns the place. After a chat describing what I wanted done I hoofed it over to rotten Ronnie's for some desperately need coffee and sustenance.  I don't go there very much any more and when I walked into rotten Ronnie's the first thing that struck me was this touch panel.

For all those who wanted a
higher minimum wage
your replacement's here.
I guess this is the shape of things to come. The next few years are going to be interesting ones as the job opportunities dry up.

When I returned to the shop the tech was still working on my truck. It took a little longer than I expected but in the end it was worth it. The tech did a great job with the install doing things like soldering all the connections and running the wiring where I asked. After he finished we talked about the old wiring. It turns out the person who did the original install was lazy and ran the wiring on the outside. This caused problems with the wiring connections and was part of the reason I had the issues I did with the lights.

When I got home a little later I hooked up the trailer, tested the lights (which worked fine) and did a dump run.
Saddled up and ready to go.

While I was at the dump hoofing off the pile of wood and brush, I couldn't help but think "retire they said. It will be a life of ease they said." The run wasn't that bad, I tend to take it a little easier these days because of the kidney. I just can't wait until the stone is dealt with so I can start living.

When I got home I had just unhooked the trailer when my neighbour S came walking by. We chatted for a minute and she told me here truck was at another neighbour's place, dead. She was on the way home to call the dealer. I told her to come get me when she was done on the phone and I would boost her truck which she did. A few minutes later I met S at the dead truck, put the cables on it and it fired right up. You know, it's nice to be needed and I know that if there ever was an issue and we needed help they would be there in a flash.

 Well that's all for my epic adventures today. This afternoon it's supposed to rain with torrential down pours so I ain't going out unless the house is on fire. Until tomorrow, Bye-bye.

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