Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The hand we are dealt

Took a run down to the wannabe big city today. It was a case of husbanding our resources. My wife had wife stuff to get done and I wanted to visit Lowe's. The trip down was a little slow due to a combination of rain slick road, traffic and construction. In reality even though some lanes on the highway were blocked there was no construction work going on, it was too wet. 

Roaring down the highway in the rain.

After dropping my wife off I headed over to Lowe's I was on the hunt for a patio sofa and they had a nice sale on. I had already checked out a unit online and was all ready to place an order but that demon called caution reared it's ugly head. It's a good thing that I decided to hold off and have a look the unit I picked would never have worked. After I picked up my wife we went back and looked at the unit and we two chose not to get it. We checked other patio sets out and found one that fit our needs perfectly so we ordered it. Then we beat feet for home.

Once at home I took the chance on calling my friend R and, for the first time in weeks, he answered the phone. It was good chatting with him and I will admit to getting a little worried about his state of health when I couldn't get an answere. When I got around to asking where he had been, it turned out to have been a silly set of circumstances. It started a few weeks ago with the battery in his cell phone failing. When that happened he went into one of those phone shops for a battery. Of course the young guy says they don't sell cell batteries and he will have to get a replacement phone. Around a week later my friend is pulling out the laundry getting ready to put it in the dryer and finds his cellphone in a shirt pocket. So back he goes to the store where he bought it to be told he is out of luck. Then he has to plunk down more cash for a new phone. If it were not for bad luck with this guy he wouldn't have any. 

Sitting here thinking about my friend R reminds me that stuff in my life ain't that bad. We all deal with the cards we are dealt and he has gone through life with a real crappy hand. R is a good person who has been thrown several curve balls these last few years. I just wish there was more I could do to help him. 

Well that's all for today's edition. I shall post again upon the morrow unless I get washed away. Until then bye-bye.

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