Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sun's up, looks OK...

I was up this morning, finally, to the bright light from that big yellow orb in the sky. Yep for the first time in a few days the sun's up and the world looks OK. Today is supposed to be a nice and sunny one so the game plan is to get some yard work done. There are several trees that are going to go bye-bye if I can get the chainsaw going and the chain sharpened. They're small enough that I can go to plan B which is the axe. Personally I like using the axe more for the simple satisfaction of the swing. The only issue here may be the kidney. Well things can't stop just for a little pain. 

I'm taking our truck into the shop tomorrow to get the flux capacitor, AKA the thingy that makes the trailer lights work, replaced. I booked the truck in early at the shop. I have to be at the shop at eight, what the hell was I thinking, o'clock in the morning. The game plan was to do a dump run after the truck was finished. Looking at the latest prognostication by the weathertainers the clouds are supposed to move in tonight. Then tomorrow the rain is due to start the second I touch the trailer. Oh well we shall see what the morrow brings. 

Anyway that's about all for now. I will post more later with photo goodness. Hopefully not Darwin Award goodness. 

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