Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Some links for you

Not a lot going on in my little hunk of paradise. I just spent the last couple of hours in the workshop. I managed to make a little over a dozen dowels for the game but the two  batteries for the drill died so, after looking around and started to rearrange a few things and clean up. 

One of the stumbling blocks I face out there is a lack of space. The workshop is a tiny eight by twelve foot place which is good enough for my projects. One of the issues is some of the space that I need to store tools is being taken up with my wife's hanging plant pots etc. With the thought that this stuff is going to be relocated in the near future I'm seeing storm clouds on the horizon. Lucky for me the workshop is big enough that, with a little relocating, a cot can go there. 😄  

I know it's been a while but here are a few links for you...

What a great time to be alive in Ontario Canada. The minimum wage is being jacked up to $15 an hour and in some places you don't even have to work to get paid. One thing nobody's talking about is what happens to the minimum wage gobs when the owner can't afford the raise?

Out in British Columbia The just finishes a very tight election with the Liberal dynasty being dethroned. While on the surface this isn't a bad thing the group that has joined forces are the NDP (very socialists) and the Green Party (very socialist/eco-activist). Together this means "No pipeline for you Alberta" so the rest of the country will pay dearly for the actions of a few.

On the weekend the Conservative Party crowned a new leader. The front runner, a Libertarian, lost but the slimmest of margins to a guy named Andrew Scheer. Now the media hit pieces have already started.  

I bet you thought that Stonehenge was cool well look out, here's Manhattanhenge...

You can run but you can't hide because sooner or later the bogyman is coming for you. 

All I have to say is time travelers strictly cash please. 

Speaking of cash, if it were not for the cash involved in getting one of these I would buy one in a heartbeat. My issues is that for $2995 USD ($4,075 Cdn) I can get a real motorcycle and go farther/faster that this electric bike ever could.

It will be interesting if this guy fights the by-law ticket in court. He was charges with "discharging a firearm" the only issue was the "firearm" was a bow

And with that I leave you for today. Bye for now.  

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