Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I went into town this afternoon to pick up a few things while my wife was getting her hair done. The first place I stopped didn't have what I wanted so I moved on to plan B which was a farming supply store. I did find the two items I was looking for, some wire fence and  a sharpening file for my chainsaw. One of the things I noticed while cruising the store was this...

Nothing like selling something for $10
over the asking price.

It took a sec for it to click in but there is a reason this item had a layer of dust on it. I wonder how long it takes for some store employee to realise this will not sell and put it on sale.

After picking up my wife I headed home grabbed a bite and started a little yard work. While my wife worked in the garden I started in on the pile of wood that I should have covered but didn't. In the pile are a bunch of bits and pieces left over from when my Bro-in-law the contractor fixed the back stairs. 

Half load of wood scraps and brush with more to go.

On the plus side a lot of the hardwood even though not covered was in good condition. I took the opportunity to try out a shiny I was given last Christmas, a splitting axe. The splitting axe cut through the hard wood like a hot knife through butter.

Well dinner's done so I have to head out and put stuff away before the rain resumes. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.

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