Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Off to "do lunch"

I took a journey down to the big city today. Traveling down to the anthill for me is no something taken lightly. I went to have lunch and catch up with R whom I have known for around a little over a quarter of a century. He is a guy who if not for bad luck would have no luck at all. The latest thing to befall him is his memory slowly being destroyed by Alzheimer's.

Had a little time to kill so I
visited a Mega Mall
He is starting to show a very mild decline which is disconcerting. Today we were to meet at a nice little deli at one o'clock. By one thirty he hadn't arrived and I was just about to head home when in he walked. His explanation was that he had gotten on the wrong subway and ended up at the other end of the city. We chatted and slowly ate for around an hour and a bit. He told me about his trip and I talked about getting chores done, all very mundane. During our conversation there were several instances where I almost wanted to shake him to snap him out of his situation.

Meal done I gave him a ride to the subway where I dropped him off. Then I the highway for home.

On the way home I thought a lot about R and his situation. I believe he is a lot more brave than I am. R knows what ails him and knows what the final outcome will be but he carries on. I just don't know what I would do in a similar situation. One thing I do know is in a few months we will “do lunch” and catch up on what's going one in our lives even if I have to tell him the same things over and over. Oh well, what shall be will be as they say.

This is why I hate going
to the big city.
As for me I have to go get dinner. See you tomorrow.

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