Friday, 12 May 2017

I was told there would be days like this

Of course with things to do and places to go I slept in this morning. What  woke me was the call from the delivery people just letting us know when-ish they would be here. After grabbing a quick shower and loosing the four day growth on my face I sat down to have a bit of sustenance. 

The phone rang and the delivery guy told my wife "we are in the driveway." A look outside confirmed they had gone to the wrong place. My wife told the driver how to get here from around the corner then we waited. A few minutes went by and the big delivery truck pulled into the drive. We went out to great them and chuck a little of the brown stuff at them for going to the wrong house. 

The two apes... er... men off loaded the two loveseat/coffee table combos that we had ordered. They were nice enough to leave them on the deck where I was going to have the task of assembling them. Once they were gone I beat feet to an appointment. I had to hightail it down to the semi big city for a hearing test. 

Once at the hearing place I went through a series of tests and found out I am getting old and my hearing isn't what it once was. Turns out I need a pair of hearing aids. The guy doing the tests was good not only with the testing but with the selling. The hearing aids were a lot more than I wanted to pay  but they had Bluetooth. They could be used to access my phone or increase or decrease the volume on my  TV or car radio etc. I tried to explain that I wasn't a fan of Bluetooth because of privacy issues. While he didn't say I was paranoid he sure insinuated it. 

Your loveseat,
some assembly
He asked if my conversations were so confidential I had to worry about them. I looked at the tech, smiled and asked who he banked with and what his account number was along with his password. When he declined I asked him if his banking was so confidential he had to worry about it and what did he have to hide. He smiled and told me I had made my point. I said I would think about the hearing aids and left. 

One love seat down, one to go.
Once home I assembled one of the two loveseats. It was a little cumbersome and my wife helped me. The blackflys noticed us and when they started to eat us alive, that's when I called it a day and came inside. I did manage to get one love seat and a coffee table assembled before the hasty retreat was called so it wasn't a total loss.  

So here I sit thinking about what we have for these bites that are driving me nuts. When I go out tomorrow I'll pick up some bug juice to help fend off these little critters. Then I shall assemble the second love seat and coffee table. But for now I'm just going to relax and watch the tube. 

It's Friday and the weekend is upon us. I will not be posting until Monday so have a good weekend and, to one and all, bye-bye. 

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