Thursday, 11 May 2017

I love the word FREE

I was up around nine this morning. Before climbing out I checked the weather because I had plans for the day. The weathertainers were as spot on as they usually are. The app on my phone said it was overcast and raining while outside the window it was a sun/cloud mix and dry as a bone.  

The big plan for the day was to head out and get some free compost at the county yard. That's why I was hoping for a nice mild dry day. Nothing like going out in the rain and towing home a quarter ton of mud. 

Every spring the guys at the county yard have a weekend where compost and mulch are free. We didn't take advantage of this last year because of medical issues. This year the medical issues are still there but not as bad so we decided to go.

Before my wife and I headed out I had coffee and some breakfast and as I usually do I took a look at the news. Looks like the gang that couldn't shoot straight where I once worked have their hands full. As of last night the rank and file are on strike. Having been there I know the guys are going to make a bucket of cash in overtime but they are also going to work a lot. Twelve hour shifts six days a week are the order of the day until the labour disruption is settled. With all that's going on good luck to them. As for me, I'm glad to be happily retired. 

I hooked up the trailer and we went over to the pick up point to get the compost. My wife who insisted that she could help came along. The ride over was fine and when we got there the line up was short unlike the last time we did this.We did this two years ago and the access point was off a secondary highway so the line took a while. 

This time they had the line coming in from a secondary dirt road at the back of the complex. This hastened things up tremendously.

 It also didn't hurt that they were using a backhoe to load the dirt. Earlier when my wife read the instructions they said bring a shovel but as we were in line she looked at the fine print. Shovels were only for the folks loading car trunks to carry away the compost. 

A trailer full of compost for free!

I had the backhoe guy only put one bucket in the utility trailer. I figured our needs were not that great plus half the load is destined for our friend S.

Clearing out the ditch

The drive home was a back road avoid the major highway, trip and all went well. Then when we got to our street there was a work crew clearing out our ditch line. Nice! I was planning to give them a call about the trees that were sprouting but they beat me to it.

Tomorrow I get to spread the mulch around which is something to look forward to... not. Oh well we shall over come. 

Well that's about all from me for today. Bye-bye until tomorrow.

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