Monday, 8 May 2017

How can you tell it's Monday?

Well it's Monday. Do you know how to tell it's Monday? Simple, after a weekend of rain, overcast skies and cold look outside. If it's mild and sunny well then it must be Monday.

The weekend has come and gone. As weekends go this one was bitter sweet. Bitter really isn't the right word, so I'll go with... sad. The grey beast has gone on to a better life. Not to a metal compactor, but one where it will be a young lady's first car. I'm looking forward to hearing about the trials and tribulations of my Bro-in-law teaching his young daughter to drive.

The sweet part was when I brought the grey beast over to the Bro-in-law's place our little niece was there. Just having this little lady around makes the world a better place. While we were there we played, had a few laughs and my lovely wife and I were feted to a rather spectacular meal. People can say what they like about my Bro-in-law but he certainly knows his way around a kitchen.
The Grey Beast

All too soon it was time to sign the paperwork and head for home. I guess subconsciously getting rid of the grey beast was something I didn't want to do. We were not 5 minutes down the road when I realized that the car license plates were still in the kitchen so back we went. More bye-byes and we were on the road, take two.

Just before we got home I joked with my wife. I asked if she wanted I would stop and change places so she could be the first one to drive into the empty driveway. She declined and gave me the honours. Pulling in was a little strange with no Corolla to avoid. Well, like it or not we are a one truck family now, the deed is done.

The tree remains...
Sunday didn't turn out to be another monsoon kinda day. While it was a cold and overcast day it didn't rain which meant I got some outdoor work done. I felled the second tree which I had planned to do then limed it and brought the trailer around back. 

All loaded and ready to go
I filled the trailer with brush that I had originally cut thinking I would use it for the fire pit. Note to self, if you are going to store soft wood outside protect it with a tarp. Plus I took the two small trees and all the brush that came off them and put all that in the trailer. After having some breakfast I'll take all this stuff down to the dump and get rid of it.

Until the morrow bye-bye.

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