Monday, 15 May 2017

House guest...

As weekends go this past one wasn't bad at all. The weathertainers had predicted overcast and a serious possibility of precipitation so of course it was mild, sunny with a few clouds. The work I wanted to get done, I got done which was good. Oh, and we have a new house guest. 

Saturday had us putting down the compost on the remainder of the garden. After that we sat around on the new patio set for a while until the blackfly union took a vote and decided we were lunch. My wife and I beat a hasty retreat indoors to be away from the blood sucking scourge. That was when I noticed the cat, ever watchful at the window... watching our new house guests. 

On our deck is a very decorative ashtray for those few house guests  that still smoke. On a short stand is a bird house with a tin can at the back filled with sand for the butts. 

The hole in the bird house is the perfect size for chickadees and a pair have moved in to start a family. On the weekend I've had to work around a constant dive bombing from these birds on my deck. The dive bombing wasn't an issue for us and it gave my wife and I a few laughs. Meanwhile our cat, who is confined to the indoors, has been sitting on her perch ever vigilant watching as the chickadees come and go. 

I have to say that for tiny little birds it takes a lot of guts to nest right beside a cat that would think nothing of visiting murder and mayhem upon these little critters.  

Saturday evening my wife and I went out and had a nice dinner at a really good Italian restaurant in town. It was our wedding anniversary, thirty nine years to be precise. The meal, drinks and after dinner dessert were amazing. The food was so good that what we couldn't finish we had boxed and we took it home. 

On Sunday I hitched up the trailer and took the half load over the our friend S's house. After offloading the compost we sat around and chatted for a while then it was back home to the grindstone.

Today on the agenda is putting the screens up and starting the annual cleaning of the deck. These chores should take the better part of the day and I'm hoping for some wind to keep the blackflys in check. I guess it could be worse, we could have a deer fly issue. Now those little bastards take hunks of skin when they dine on a guy's flesh. It usually takes several smacks to get them off and the mark they leave is serious. 

That's it from up here in cottage country. Duty calls and I must go attend to the honey-do list. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.

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