Monday, 1 May 2017

Grey day

It's quiet... too quiet. Outside the rain falls as I sit here at the personal confuser. My wife is out  doing wife things and here I am alone... all alone. The nice this is I'm actually getting some work done. I've sent out a series of emails and when I checked I noticed that some may have gone into the Twilight Zone where Rod Serling is reading them and getting a good laugh. 

Ever so slowly the place is starting to green up.

This past weekend was a quiet one with a little gardening getting done and not much else. I managed to get a hotel room booked for the trip down to the big city in a few weeks. For this little booking I didn't bother with a travel agent like I normally would. I figure in a worst case I simply pay a couple of extra bucks and sort it out later. For the long hauls where mistakes happen and can be a little expensive a travel agent is the way to go. That way when it's check in time a half a world away and the clerk looks at you and says "We don't appear to have a reservation for you." there's someone I can call.  

After my lovely wife returns and tells me about her trip to the semi big city, I'm going to head out for a bit. I called the druggist and my meds are in. I guess that means you can all rest easy, I will be under control for another few weeks. Kidding aside I had placed the refill order on Thursday and they had to fax my Doctor. I checked late Friday and no word. When I called this morning I was expecting that my Doctor wouldn't have faxed a refill prescription. If the Doc had not faxed a refill prescription, I was going to call my Doctor and confirm if the fax had been received. My game plan was if they had the fax and hadn't acted upon it to nicely rip him a new asshole. I'm glad I didn't have to do that, he always has the option of telling me to go find another Doctor and Doctors are hard to come by. 

Well I've stalled enough, it's time to go back to work. Until tomorrow, unless something interesting comes up to blog about, bye-bye.

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