Friday, 5 May 2017

Goodbye Grey Beast...

Hey it's Friday, the start of the weekend. We have gone back into the wet weather again with everybody now officially going into panic mode. The media have caught on to this and are running  an apocalyptic full court press. 

Everybody PANIC!

As for us we are high and dry with no real issues. This weather is very familiar, when we built our log home back in 2001 April and May were like monsoon season. Getting the footings inspected  was a royal pain in the butt. The contractor had to pump out the hole then just before the building inspector was to arrive knock it all down and hope the inspector would arrive before the hole started to fill up again. It was a cat and mouse game we played with him for a week or so. 

Later today I'm going out into the wet to get all the stuff out of the grey beast. There isn't that much but some items I want. Then I will give it a bit of a mucking out. On Saturday the  grey beast goes away. I know, it's a sad time for me too. That car and I have shared many adventures together.

The Grey Beast sits waiting for the last ride....

I'm not scrapping the beast, I'm recycling it. My Bro-in-law a while back told me his eldest daughter was getting her drivers license and he was looking for a beater. Well aside from a few dents and the breaks needing an overhaul the grey beast is in good condition. The only issue is the transmission, it's a standard. I suspect we will see if he truly has the patience of a saint. Bad fellow that I am I'm looking forward to hearing the tails of driver training. 

Today the only things I have to do aside from clearing out the beast is make a trip into town for two things, I need cat litter and I have to get new lenses for my glasses... if they are ready. 

Well that's about all from me for now. There will be no blog on the weekend son until Monday have a good weekend. 

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