Wednesday, 24 May 2017

From city cool to country hick

I managed to make it down to the big city and back with only a few minor problems. The trip down was about the same as it was last time. When we hit the city outskirts traffic volume picked up and speed slowed down. 

On the parking lot, er...

Our check in was another example of why one should pay the couple of bucks and use a travel agent. Upon entering the hotel I strode confidently up to the desk, presented my paperwork and was told there was no booking. So I gave the clerk my credit card and got checked in. Once in the room I found the contact info for the place I had made the booking and gave them a call. It was a good thing they had nice on hold music because I was on hold for around a half hour. 
After discussing the problem with the customer service rep and getting a commitment that she would call back we went out for dinner.  

City center looking like a set
from Blade runner.

It had been a while since I was at the heart of the beast and the change was astounding. The amount of giant video screens with there ever present ads was like something out of a low budget Blade Runner remake. My wife and I found a nice little out of the way restaurant and had dinner. Then we went for a stroll back to the hotel. I found myself laughing at how my reactions to the surroundings must have looked. Once upon a time long ago I lived in the big city and was comfortable, now I was staring and gawking at things like a small town hick.

That night I turned in early because I didn't figure sleep would come early and it didn't. The constant traffic noise accompanied by the ever present sirens of police, fire and ambulances kept waking me up. Then there was the air conditioner... Withing minutes of entering our room it was hot so I flipped on the AC.The unit had a distinct industrial sound that was a little on the loud side.

The view from our room... ah...

Morning came and I was awake before the alarm. I went through the evolution of becoming human, minus a coffee, and it was time to go to the hospital. My wife and I strolled down the block and found our way to the check in area. I shucked clothing and put on a pair of gowns, got another x-ray and did the other little things to get ready, then it was time... 

I went through the procedure with no big issues and afterword I was given food and drink. Once I was able I got dressed and we left. Our checkout was supposed to be no later than twelve noon and we were driving out of the hotel lot at eleven fifty eight. It took a bit of good navigation by my wife but soon we were on the expressway out of the city. 

A few short hours later we were home and my little adventure was over. I went upstairs and had a long nap. As for the procedure to destroy the kidney stone with ultrasonics...  it didn't work.


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