Friday, 26 May 2017

Everything's going to be fine...

It took a while to fall asleep lat night, the little alien in my kidney kept wanting to poke it's head out and give a rendition of Hello, Ma Baby. This morning I was up to an overcast sky and, after morphing into a human being, I went into town. I had to go to the optometrist about my new/old glasses. 

A few weeks ago I had my eyes tested and like the last time I was in they discovered my vision is getting better. Being the cheap guy I am I had them order lenses for my glasses. I figure why do I need to keep up with the Jones when the frames I have are fine.

I got there around ten and left the old specks with them and went for some sustenance. Breakfast consumed I returned an hour later to the eye doc's office. Fitting done and Danegeld paid it was go home time. One thing I will say, without my specs I'm screwed. It was nice to have them back so I could see what the heck was going on in the world. This "doing the world by braille" thing sucks.

While driving home I passed a lake where I stopped for a bit. Looking around at the calm water and the gray, drizzly filled sky I thought back to the week I had just had and the trip down in the big city where with all the hustle and noise 24/7, I was totally out of my element. I may not be sure about a lot of things these days but one thing I do know,  the best day in a big city can't hold a candle to the worst day in the country. Living here and looking around, I am slowly coming to the realization I am in the right place at the right time and everything will be fine. 

It's Friday and the weekend is almost upon us. This means no blogging for the next two days. I can assure you blogging will resume on Monday. Have as good a weekend as you can and bye for now.

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