Monday, 29 May 2017

Don't like the weather, just hold on a few minutes.

We just finished with another pop up thunder shower.Today was supposed to be a nice mild day with only a minor chance of a shower not... poof  crash, bang, build an ark, oh never mind kind of day. 

Damn weathertainers. Yes I'm grouchy, last night there was supposed to be a minor chance of a little rain and my sleep was interrupted by a thunderstorm. This morning we were outside sipping coffee and chatting about this and that when the rumble clouds moved in and we had to scurry inside. To my knowledge none of this events were predicted in the forecasts. Ah weathertainers... to right to be ignored, too wrong to be believed.  I was going to clean the deck today but not anymore the weather's just to dicey. This afternoon I'm going to try something new, I'm going to make dowels from 2x4's in my shop which I cleaned up on the weekend. 

Ah the weekend...

We had some friends over for cocktails on Friday evening. The bugs got a little too ravenous so we went inside and the fun carried on from there. It was a good time and for the first time in a while I even had a few wee drams of the single malt which I paid for upon awakening Saturday morning. Yes, I'm a cheap drunk. Our friend S came over on Saturday and took some weeds plant's back home when she left. I actually managed to get a little work done, I cleaned out my workshop. Speaking (writing?) of the workshop I have to get going. Projects await. 

Until tomorrow bye-bye. 

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