Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dealing with bureaucracy

I went into town earlier to pick up a few things I had ordered. First stop was at the post outlet where a box with covers for the patio loveseats was waiting. Originally I had visited two stores that sold patio stuff looking for covers. In one store the clerk told me I should have bought the covers when I bought the loveseats in the other store the clerk said they didnt carry them because of the price point. This translated into there wasn't enough profit to bother. So I ordered a pair from amazon. 

Then I dropped into TSC where the had a farm jack for me. It was one of those impulse buys at fifty percent off I could not say no. Then I went over to the hospital to pick up a copy of my latest x-ray for my trip down to the big city next week. 

I went into the imagining waiting room, picked a number and sat... time passed... finally my number was called so I went up to the clerk and explained my situation. She asked me if I had called ahead to which I said not then I was directed "down the hall, take a left and a right go into the office and see them." I asked what the name of the office was... "Oh you can't miss it." was the reply. So off I went. 

After a few false starts I found the place, went in and explained the situation to the clerk. The clerk asked if I had called ahead to which I replied no. Then she explained to me that I should have called ahead because there were things that had to be done. She explained that there were permissions to be attained because of privacy and that takes time. 

I will admit that I came very close to blowing a gasket but I stayed calm with no yelling involved. I reminded her that the x-ray was not for somebody else it was of me, for me to be give to a doctor that was treating me. The clerk would not budge so I made an appointment to return on Tuesday with the caveat  that failure to deliver would result in serious grief. I know, I should have simply said yes ma'am and left it at that but this whole thing has been one screw up after another and my patience is wearing thin.

Now I am going to make myself some lunch and calm down.  Until tomorrow, bye-bye.


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