Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Cat & Mouse

For the last while I've been contemplating going outside and doing the lawn. This time of year the lawn gets a lot of growth because of the rain and sun we've had. It was in such dire need that when I cut the lawn the other day it started to rain I kept cutting, hey once you are wet you are wet. Well the lawn needs a cut once again.

The dandelion horde are threatening to take the yard over and must be dealt a swift blow. The big problem is rain or the threat thereof. So far today I have gotten motivated several time to go out and do battle with the lawn. Every time I have gotten up to march outside the dark ominous clouds have moved it so I have postponed it. I'm not a real happy camper right now because of this perpetual cat and mouse game with the weather. The weathertainers are not helping, looking at the weather app there's nothing on there about rain. Oh screw it, I'm off to cut the lawn, getting soaked or not.

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