Monday, 29 May 2017

Afternoon in the shop

Looks like the weathertainers snookered me again. After the threat of nasty weather this morning I postponed the deck work. I know, any port in a storm... Sure enough after lunch the afternoon turned out to be very nice. 

My backyard

I went out to the now cleaned up work shop and started work on a project. i am building an outdoor adult sized version of the old Ker Plunk game. One of the things I nee are thirty two sticks that will stop the balls from dropping. The other day I saw a way to make dowels and I figured I'd give it a try. 

The dowel jig
My first dowel
First I made a jig out of a scrap hunk of wood and a saw blade. Next I cut a piece of wood two feet long and a quarter inch by a quarter inch. Next I chucked one end of the wood, put the other end in the jig and started the drill. Much to my surprise it actually worked. Next up was the cutting of three dozen lengths of wood. After that was done I had wasted around an hour and a bit and the clouds had started to move back in so I called it a day. The reason for this was that the cutting stuff I was doing outside my tiny little workshop. 

The great outdoor work area.
It's nice that all my equipment is
all portable.
I got the compressor going and took the easy way out by blowing all the crap off the machines I was using. When I was done there was more sawdust on me than on the floor. Once inside I went to get cleaned up and have some supper. All in all it was a good afternoon. Tomorrow I'm planning on making the game base and turning the wood strips into dowels. That should make for an interesting day unless the weathertainers spoil it of course. 

My itty bitty little workshop.

That's it for now, further updates upon the morrow. Bye-bye...

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