Monday, 22 May 2017

Catching up...

This past weekend wasn't too bad. Friday and Saturday were sunny and mild while Sunday was a bit of a washout, rain wise. 

I did manage to fix the railing after a fashion. The twenty minute repair took around forty because of unexpected issues. I had to work around the fact the original builder did a few funky things. For example the screws that held in the railing inserts were put in at an angle because he only had long screws. 
Nothing like making
it harder for the repair guy.
This forced me to use an old fashioned manual (poor baby) screwdriver and to work at an angle. The bottom of the railing was put together so that I couldn't get at the screws to take them out and with that take the inserts out. This forced me to go to a plan B and I hate it when I have to go to plan B.

People ask me why I carry a hunk of string in my pocket...
To get at the area I needed to replace I had to pivot the inserts out of the way and use the hunk of string I carry to tie them off. With this done I was able to cut off the two by four railing and the four by four post. I then measured the replacement pieces, cut them to length and installed them. Of course the new wood hasn't shrunk or weathered so there is a little difference in the size and colour but I can live with that.  

The finished product...

1st Farmer's market
of the year.
On Saturday we went out and about. First stop was to the farmer's market where we picked up a few goodies. It was nice, we saw some old vendors who have become friends and caught up with them. But then stomachs started to growl so it was off for breakfast at out favourite little diner. It had been a while since we were at the diner so over coffee and food we caught up with the owner. You could tell we had not been there for a while. I noticed a "new" jukebox and asked when that had gone in. Turns out it had been a while, the jukebox went in last November. Brunch done we saddled up and went home. 

A couple of hours later we were out and about again, having been invited over to our friend S's place for diner. It was a great combination of good friends and good food. One of the nice things about the visit was that two of her nieces were in town. Yet again we had some catching up to do. It was funny seeing the twins since the last time we had seen them they were a lot younger. Now at seventeen they're all grown up.  

Sunday and S brought the twins out and we met them at Scoops on the Bay, a snack bar/ice cream shop that's just down the road from our place. It was raining but that didn't stop us from having some goodies. 

Well there you have it, the weekend that was. So until tomorrow bye-bye. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

My little huntress...

This morning it was a little cooler than it has been these last few days, no records to be broken today. The last couple of day saw temps in the mid eighties. Late yesterday and last night a line saw a series of thunder boomers roll through heralding a cold front. 

I was up early today because the ladies were due for their visit and being in bed for their arrival is not something I want to happen. Mind you when the alarm went off at zero dark hundred (8AM) I almost rolled over and went back to sleep. 

When I got downstairs I noticed our little huntress on the prowl. She was on her perch staring intently at the chickadee as it went into then out of it's nest. So wrapped up was the cat she didn't even jump down when I put her daily ration in her bowel. 
It's a good thing for the area wild life that my cat stays indoors, the carnage that she could visit upon the mice and bird population would be horrendous. 

Today is the birthday of one of our friends. If all goes to plan (when has that ever happened?) we will pay her a visit tonight, drink a little, laugh a lot and commensurate upon our getting older but not too much wiser. As Augustus once said "The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." In these troubled times not finding oneself in the ranks of the insane is sage advice indeed and so far we happy few have been managing to do just that. 

Well that's it for today. Seeing as this is Friday there will be no posts for the next two days unless something serious takes place. Bye for now and have a good weekend. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dealing with bureaucracy

I went into town earlier to pick up a few things I had ordered. First stop was at the post outlet where a box with covers for the patio loveseats was waiting. Originally I had visited two stores that sold patio stuff looking for covers. In one store the clerk told me I should have bought the covers when I bought the loveseats in the other store the clerk said they didnt carry them because of the price point. This translated into there wasn't enough profit to bother. So I ordered a pair from amazon. 

Then I dropped into TSC where the had a farm jack for me. It was one of those impulse buys at fifty percent off I could not say no. Then I went over to the hospital to pick up a copy of my latest x-ray for my trip down to the big city next week. 

I went into the imagining waiting room, picked a number and sat... time passed... finally my number was called so I went up to the clerk and explained my situation. She asked me if I had called ahead to which I said not then I was directed "down the hall, take a left and a right go into the office and see them." I asked what the name of the office was... "Oh you can't miss it." was the reply. So off I went. 

After a few false starts I found the place, went in and explained the situation to the clerk. The clerk asked if I had called ahead to which I replied no. Then she explained to me that I should have called ahead because there were things that had to be done. She explained that there were permissions to be attained because of privacy and that takes time. 

I will admit that I came very close to blowing a gasket but I stayed calm with no yelling involved. I reminded her that the x-ray was not for somebody else it was of me, for me to be give to a doctor that was treating me. The clerk would not budge so I made an appointment to return on Tuesday with the caveat  that failure to deliver would result in serious grief. I know, I should have simply said yes ma'am and left it at that but this whole thing has been one screw up after another and my patience is wearing thin.

Now I am going to make myself some lunch and calm down.  Until tomorrow, bye-bye.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Off to "do lunch"

I took a journey down to the big city today. Traveling down to the anthill for me is no something taken lightly. I went to have lunch and catch up with R whom I have known for around a little over a quarter of a century. He is a guy who if not for bad luck would have no luck at all. The latest thing to befall him is his memory slowly being destroyed by Alzheimer's.

Had a little time to kill so I
visited a Mega Mall
He is starting to show a very mild decline which is disconcerting. Today we were to meet at a nice little deli at one o'clock. By one thirty he hadn't arrived and I was just about to head home when in he walked. His explanation was that he had gotten on the wrong subway and ended up at the other end of the city. We chatted and slowly ate for around an hour and a bit. He told me about his trip and I talked about getting chores done, all very mundane. During our conversation there were several instances where I almost wanted to shake him to snap him out of his situation.

Meal done I gave him a ride to the subway where I dropped him off. Then I the highway for home.

On the way home I thought a lot about R and his situation. I believe he is a lot more brave than I am. R knows what ails him and knows what the final outcome will be but he carries on. I just don't know what I would do in a similar situation. One thing I do know is in a few months we will “do lunch” and catch up on what's going one in our lives even if I have to tell him the same things over and over. Oh well, what shall be will be as they say.

This is why I hate going
to the big city.
As for me I have to go get dinner. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


I thought I would get caught up on a few small projects today and I managed to knock two of them off. The first one involved the trailer. I know, but I can't help but tinker with it because it's fun. 


The other day when I took the load of compost over to my friend S's place I had to retract the front jack because of the slope of her driveway. Had I not done this the odds were in favor of the base of the jack hitting the pavement which, while moving, is not a good thing. I found that I could almost swivel the jack into a horizontal position. I figured by moving the jack a couple of inches it would it would totally swivel. So today I went out to do just that and, by gum, it actually worked a lot better than I thought it would. While it doesn't totally swivel to the horizontal it's damn close and much better than it was. 

Then I went inside to hide from the blackflys for a bit and have lunch. After lunch I went out and took a look at the railing where it needs to be fixed. I have the lumber and all the other assorted things needed but I decided to put it off for now. 

The piece of railing that needs attention

The weathertainers had given the a kiss of death to the day by prognosticating that it would be a sun/cloud mix with a very tiny chance of rain. As I stood looking at the railing the rain started, so I went inside to find a little respite from the wet and the blackflys. 

After a few minutes I went out again onto the back deck and cut up the two boxes the patio loveseats came in. Oh boy that task was a little grinding on the back and the kidney. It only took around ten minutes or so but during that time I got around seven or eight, you guessed it, blackfly bites. 

All this from two (2) boxes

Who knew the amount of thick heavy cardboard that goes into packing a loveseat? Well now that the cardboard is all cut up comes the big question, what the heck am I going to do with it? The options are cut it up into smaller chunks, tie it up and put it on the curb with the rest of the recyclables. Or, I could toss it in the truck and take it to the dump for recycling. Or, I could just cut it up into smaller pieces and burn it. Ah, decisions... decisions...  Well for now I'm postponing the decision, I'm just going to sit here at the personal confuser and try not to scratch the itchy bites those little bastards blackflys have made.

That's it from me for today. See you on the morrow, bye-bye. 


Monday, 15 May 2017

House guest...

As weekends go this past one wasn't bad at all. The weathertainers had predicted overcast and a serious possibility of precipitation so of course it was mild, sunny with a few clouds. The work I wanted to get done, I got done which was good. Oh, and we have a new house guest. 

Saturday had us putting down the compost on the remainder of the garden. After that we sat around on the new patio set for a while until the blackfly union took a vote and decided we were lunch. My wife and I beat a hasty retreat indoors to be away from the blood sucking scourge. That was when I noticed the cat, ever watchful at the window... watching our new house guests. 

On our deck is a very decorative ashtray for those few house guests  that still smoke. On a short stand is a bird house with a tin can at the back filled with sand for the butts. 

The hole in the bird house is the perfect size for chickadees and a pair have moved in to start a family. On the weekend I've had to work around a constant dive bombing from these birds on my deck. The dive bombing wasn't an issue for us and it gave my wife and I a few laughs. Meanwhile our cat, who is confined to the indoors, has been sitting on her perch ever vigilant watching as the chickadees come and go. 

I have to say that for tiny little birds it takes a lot of guts to nest right beside a cat that would think nothing of visiting murder and mayhem upon these little critters.  

Saturday evening my wife and I went out and had a nice dinner at a really good Italian restaurant in town. It was our wedding anniversary, thirty nine years to be precise. The meal, drinks and after dinner dessert were amazing. The food was so good that what we couldn't finish we had boxed and we took it home. 

On Sunday I hitched up the trailer and took the half load over the our friend S's house. After offloading the compost we sat around and chatted for a while then it was back home to the grindstone.

Today on the agenda is putting the screens up and starting the annual cleaning of the deck. These chores should take the better part of the day and I'm hoping for some wind to keep the blackflys in check. I guess it could be worse, we could have a deer fly issue. Now those little bastards take hunks of skin when they dine on a guy's flesh. It usually takes several smacks to get them off and the mark they leave is serious. 

That's it from up here in cottage country. Duty calls and I must go attend to the honey-do list. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.

Friday, 12 May 2017

I was told there would be days like this

Of course with things to do and places to go I slept in this morning. What  woke me was the call from the delivery people just letting us know when-ish they would be here. After grabbing a quick shower and loosing the four day growth on my face I sat down to have a bit of sustenance. 

The phone rang and the delivery guy told my wife "we are in the driveway." A look outside confirmed they had gone to the wrong place. My wife told the driver how to get here from around the corner then we waited. A few minutes went by and the big delivery truck pulled into the drive. We went out to great them and chuck a little of the brown stuff at them for going to the wrong house. 

The two apes... er... men off loaded the two loveseat/coffee table combos that we had ordered. They were nice enough to leave them on the deck where I was going to have the task of assembling them. Once they were gone I beat feet to an appointment. I had to hightail it down to the semi big city for a hearing test. 

Once at the hearing place I went through a series of tests and found out I am getting old and my hearing isn't what it once was. Turns out I need a pair of hearing aids. The guy doing the tests was good not only with the testing but with the selling. The hearing aids were a lot more than I wanted to pay  but they had Bluetooth. They could be used to access my phone or increase or decrease the volume on my  TV or car radio etc. I tried to explain that I wasn't a fan of Bluetooth because of privacy issues. While he didn't say I was paranoid he sure insinuated it. 

Your loveseat,
some assembly
He asked if my conversations were so confidential I had to worry about them. I looked at the tech, smiled and asked who he banked with and what his account number was along with his password. When he declined I asked him if his banking was so confidential he had to worry about it and what did he have to hide. He smiled and told me I had made my point. I said I would think about the hearing aids and left. 

One love seat down, one to go.
Once home I assembled one of the two loveseats. It was a little cumbersome and my wife helped me. The blackflys noticed us and when they started to eat us alive, that's when I called it a day and came inside. I did manage to get one love seat and a coffee table assembled before the hasty retreat was called so it wasn't a total loss.  

So here I sit thinking about what we have for these bites that are driving me nuts. When I go out tomorrow I'll pick up some bug juice to help fend off these little critters. Then I shall assemble the second love seat and coffee table. But for now I'm just going to relax and watch the tube. 

It's Friday and the weekend is upon us. I will not be posting until Monday so have a good weekend and, to one and all, bye-bye. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I love the word FREE

I was up around nine this morning. Before climbing out I checked the weather because I had plans for the day. The weathertainers were as spot on as they usually are. The app on my phone said it was overcast and raining while outside the window it was a sun/cloud mix and dry as a bone.  

The big plan for the day was to head out and get some free compost at the county yard. That's why I was hoping for a nice mild dry day. Nothing like going out in the rain and towing home a quarter ton of mud. 

Every spring the guys at the county yard have a weekend where compost and mulch are free. We didn't take advantage of this last year because of medical issues. This year the medical issues are still there but not as bad so we decided to go.

Before my wife and I headed out I had coffee and some breakfast and as I usually do I took a look at the news. Looks like the gang that couldn't shoot straight where I once worked have their hands full. As of last night the rank and file are on strike. Having been there I know the guys are going to make a bucket of cash in overtime but they are also going to work a lot. Twelve hour shifts six days a week are the order of the day until the labour disruption is settled. With all that's going on good luck to them. As for me, I'm glad to be happily retired. 

I hooked up the trailer and we went over to the pick up point to get the compost. My wife who insisted that she could help came along. The ride over was fine and when we got there the line up was short unlike the last time we did this.We did this two years ago and the access point was off a secondary highway so the line took a while. 

This time they had the line coming in from a secondary dirt road at the back of the complex. This hastened things up tremendously.

 It also didn't hurt that they were using a backhoe to load the dirt. Earlier when my wife read the instructions they said bring a shovel but as we were in line she looked at the fine print. Shovels were only for the folks loading car trunks to carry away the compost. 

A trailer full of compost for free!

I had the backhoe guy only put one bucket in the utility trailer. I figured our needs were not that great plus half the load is destined for our friend S.

Clearing out the ditch

The drive home was a back road avoid the major highway, trip and all went well. Then when we got to our street there was a work crew clearing out our ditch line. Nice! I was planning to give them a call about the trees that were sprouting but they beat me to it.

Tomorrow I get to spread the mulch around which is something to look forward to... not. Oh well we shall over come. 

Well that's about all from me for today. Bye-bye until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

One out of two ain't bad

Yesterday was one of those days your mom warned you about. It started off nice and clear then mid afternoon it became overcast and it morphed into threatening. Only one of the two planned projects got done, I modified the front trailer jack. Since I'm a retired guy why hates working in the rain I packed it in before the showers could start which, of course, they never did. Have I mentioned how I hate the weathertainers because they're too right to ignore and too wrong to be believed?

All ready for the
Skid plate attached
The modification of the front jack went pretty much according to plan. All I did was take it off the front of the trailer and use a sazall to cut off the metal where the wheel was mounted. I left enough of the metal to drill a hole for the bolt to hold on the skid plate. When that was done I drilled a pair of holes and mounted the skid plate. The skid plate went on with no trouble. I took the jack out to the trailer and remounted it to the frame. The little mod gives me a lot more clearance to work with which is nice.

Remounted and ready to go
Today has started out nice but I wonder how long that will last. At the very least I'm going to get the lawn cut. That will commence once this blog has been put to bed for the day. 

That's it for me, I'm off to mow de lawn so until tomorrow bye-bye.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The secret is getting ahead of the issue

Of course the weekend is over because we are beset with yet another sunny day. Yesterday I did the dump run with no issues. Boy it's nice having a fully functional trailer lighting system. Every time I went out dragging the trailer I was always on the lookout for the police. It was one of those little things that kept me focused on using other routes along sketchy roads. The load I dropped of was around six hundred pounds of wood. Lucky for me this was a freebee. 

Almost done, then I remembered
to take a pic.

One of the things I have recently learned is to take my time with stuff like this and if it looks like things are going to get ugly take some pain meds. The secret is to get ahead of the pain before it becomes unmanageable.

Today I'm gonna give the wood hauling a rest. There are a few minor projects that I'm going to tackle while the weather is dry. I want to fix a bit of railing and slightly modify the front trailer jack for better ground clearance. In theory these are simple tasks but if things run true to form there will be some colourful language involved.  Then after these tasks are done if there is still some daylight I'll mow de lawn. 

That's it for now. I'm off to get some work done.

Monday, 8 May 2017

How can you tell it's Monday?

Well it's Monday. Do you know how to tell it's Monday? Simple, after a weekend of rain, overcast skies and cold look outside. If it's mild and sunny well then it must be Monday.

The weekend has come and gone. As weekends go this one was bitter sweet. Bitter really isn't the right word, so I'll go with... sad. The grey beast has gone on to a better life. Not to a metal compactor, but one where it will be a young lady's first car. I'm looking forward to hearing about the trials and tribulations of my Bro-in-law teaching his young daughter to drive.

The sweet part was when I brought the grey beast over to the Bro-in-law's place our little niece was there. Just having this little lady around makes the world a better place. While we were there we played, had a few laughs and my lovely wife and I were feted to a rather spectacular meal. People can say what they like about my Bro-in-law but he certainly knows his way around a kitchen.
The Grey Beast

All too soon it was time to sign the paperwork and head for home. I guess subconsciously getting rid of the grey beast was something I didn't want to do. We were not 5 minutes down the road when I realized that the car license plates were still in the kitchen so back we went. More bye-byes and we were on the road, take two.

Just before we got home I joked with my wife. I asked if she wanted I would stop and change places so she could be the first one to drive into the empty driveway. She declined and gave me the honours. Pulling in was a little strange with no Corolla to avoid. Well, like it or not we are a one truck family now, the deed is done.

The tree remains...
Sunday didn't turn out to be another monsoon kinda day. While it was a cold and overcast day it didn't rain which meant I got some outdoor work done. I felled the second tree which I had planned to do then limed it and brought the trailer around back. 

All loaded and ready to go
I filled the trailer with brush that I had originally cut thinking I would use it for the fire pit. Note to self, if you are going to store soft wood outside protect it with a tarp. Plus I took the two small trees and all the brush that came off them and put all that in the trailer. After having some breakfast I'll take all this stuff down to the dump and get rid of it.

Until the morrow bye-bye.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Goodbye Grey Beast...

Hey it's Friday, the start of the weekend. We have gone back into the wet weather again with everybody now officially going into panic mode. The media have caught on to this and are running  an apocalyptic full court press. 

Everybody PANIC!

As for us we are high and dry with no real issues. This weather is very familiar, when we built our log home back in 2001 April and May were like monsoon season. Getting the footings inspected  was a royal pain in the butt. The contractor had to pump out the hole then just before the building inspector was to arrive knock it all down and hope the inspector would arrive before the hole started to fill up again. It was a cat and mouse game we played with him for a week or so. 

Later today I'm going out into the wet to get all the stuff out of the grey beast. There isn't that much but some items I want. Then I will give it a bit of a mucking out. On Saturday the  grey beast goes away. I know, it's a sad time for me too. That car and I have shared many adventures together.

The Grey Beast sits waiting for the last ride....

I'm not scrapping the beast, I'm recycling it. My Bro-in-law a while back told me his eldest daughter was getting her drivers license and he was looking for a beater. Well aside from a few dents and the breaks needing an overhaul the grey beast is in good condition. The only issue is the transmission, it's a standard. I suspect we will see if he truly has the patience of a saint. Bad fellow that I am I'm looking forward to hearing the tails of driver training. 

Today the only things I have to do aside from clearing out the beast is make a trip into town for two things, I need cat litter and I have to get new lenses for my glasses... if they are ready. 

Well that's about all from me for now. There will be no blog on the weekend son until Monday have a good weekend. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Thursday ramblings

Once again I managed to roust myself out of a nice slumber before the alarm this morning. It's not that often any more that I'm up before seven in the AM and I have to say right here and now I'm not a fan of getting up at that ungodly hour.

I had the truck at the shop for eight and handed the keys to M who owns the place. After a chat describing what I wanted done I hoofed it over to rotten Ronnie's for some desperately need coffee and sustenance.  I don't go there very much any more and when I walked into rotten Ronnie's the first thing that struck me was this touch panel.

For all those who wanted a
higher minimum wage
your replacement's here.
I guess this is the shape of things to come. The next few years are going to be interesting ones as the job opportunities dry up.

When I returned to the shop the tech was still working on my truck. It took a little longer than I expected but in the end it was worth it. The tech did a great job with the install doing things like soldering all the connections and running the wiring where I asked. After he finished we talked about the old wiring. It turns out the person who did the original install was lazy and ran the wiring on the outside. This caused problems with the wiring connections and was part of the reason I had the issues I did with the lights.

When I got home a little later I hooked up the trailer, tested the lights (which worked fine) and did a dump run.
Saddled up and ready to go.

While I was at the dump hoofing off the pile of wood and brush, I couldn't help but think "retire they said. It will be a life of ease they said." The run wasn't that bad, I tend to take it a little easier these days because of the kidney. I just can't wait until the stone is dealt with so I can start living.

When I got home I had just unhooked the trailer when my neighbour S came walking by. We chatted for a minute and she told me here truck was at another neighbour's place, dead. She was on the way home to call the dealer. I told her to come get me when she was done on the phone and I would boost her truck which she did. A few minutes later I met S at the dead truck, put the cables on it and it fired right up. You know, it's nice to be needed and I know that if there ever was an issue and we needed help they would be there in a flash.

 Well that's all for my epic adventures today. This afternoon it's supposed to rain with torrential down pours so I ain't going out unless the house is on fire. Until tomorrow, Bye-bye.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I went into town this afternoon to pick up a few things while my wife was getting her hair done. The first place I stopped didn't have what I wanted so I moved on to plan B which was a farming supply store. I did find the two items I was looking for, some wire fence and  a sharpening file for my chainsaw. One of the things I noticed while cruising the store was this...

Nothing like selling something for $10
over the asking price.

It took a sec for it to click in but there is a reason this item had a layer of dust on it. I wonder how long it takes for some store employee to realise this will not sell and put it on sale.

After picking up my wife I headed home grabbed a bite and started a little yard work. While my wife worked in the garden I started in on the pile of wood that I should have covered but didn't. In the pile are a bunch of bits and pieces left over from when my Bro-in-law the contractor fixed the back stairs. 

Half load of wood scraps and brush with more to go.

On the plus side a lot of the hardwood even though not covered was in good condition. I took the opportunity to try out a shiny I was given last Christmas, a splitting axe. The splitting axe cut through the hard wood like a hot knife through butter.

Well dinner's done so I have to head out and put stuff away before the rain resumes. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.

Sun's up, looks OK...

I was up this morning, finally, to the bright light from that big yellow orb in the sky. Yep for the first time in a few days the sun's up and the world looks OK. Today is supposed to be a nice and sunny one so the game plan is to get some yard work done. There are several trees that are going to go bye-bye if I can get the chainsaw going and the chain sharpened. They're small enough that I can go to plan B which is the axe. Personally I like using the axe more for the simple satisfaction of the swing. The only issue here may be the kidney. Well things can't stop just for a little pain. 

I'm taking our truck into the shop tomorrow to get the flux capacitor, AKA the thingy that makes the trailer lights work, replaced. I booked the truck in early at the shop. I have to be at the shop at eight, what the hell was I thinking, o'clock in the morning. The game plan was to do a dump run after the truck was finished. Looking at the latest prognostication by the weathertainers the clouds are supposed to move in tonight. Then tomorrow the rain is due to start the second I touch the trailer. Oh well we shall see what the morrow brings. 

Anyway that's about all for now. I will post more later with photo goodness. Hopefully not Darwin Award goodness. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The hand we are dealt

Took a run down to the wannabe big city today. It was a case of husbanding our resources. My wife had wife stuff to get done and I wanted to visit Lowe's. The trip down was a little slow due to a combination of rain slick road, traffic and construction. In reality even though some lanes on the highway were blocked there was no construction work going on, it was too wet. 

Roaring down the highway in the rain.

After dropping my wife off I headed over to Lowe's I was on the hunt for a patio sofa and they had a nice sale on. I had already checked out a unit online and was all ready to place an order but that demon called caution reared it's ugly head. It's a good thing that I decided to hold off and have a look the unit I picked would never have worked. After I picked up my wife we went back and looked at the unit and we two chose not to get it. We checked other patio sets out and found one that fit our needs perfectly so we ordered it. Then we beat feet for home.

Once at home I took the chance on calling my friend R and, for the first time in weeks, he answered the phone. It was good chatting with him and I will admit to getting a little worried about his state of health when I couldn't get an answere. When I got around to asking where he had been, it turned out to have been a silly set of circumstances. It started a few weeks ago with the battery in his cell phone failing. When that happened he went into one of those phone shops for a battery. Of course the young guy says they don't sell cell batteries and he will have to get a replacement phone. Around a week later my friend is pulling out the laundry getting ready to put it in the dryer and finds his cellphone in a shirt pocket. So back he goes to the store where he bought it to be told he is out of luck. Then he has to plunk down more cash for a new phone. If it were not for bad luck with this guy he wouldn't have any. 

Sitting here thinking about my friend R reminds me that stuff in my life ain't that bad. We all deal with the cards we are dealt and he has gone through life with a real crappy hand. R is a good person who has been thrown several curve balls these last few years. I just wish there was more I could do to help him. 

Well that's all for today's edition. I shall post again upon the morrow unless I get washed away. Until then bye-bye.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Grey day

It's quiet... too quiet. Outside the rain falls as I sit here at the personal confuser. My wife is out  doing wife things and here I am alone... all alone. The nice this is I'm actually getting some work done. I've sent out a series of emails and when I checked I noticed that some may have gone into the Twilight Zone where Rod Serling is reading them and getting a good laugh. 

Ever so slowly the place is starting to green up.

This past weekend was a quiet one with a little gardening getting done and not much else. I managed to get a hotel room booked for the trip down to the big city in a few weeks. For this little booking I didn't bother with a travel agent like I normally would. I figure in a worst case I simply pay a couple of extra bucks and sort it out later. For the long hauls where mistakes happen and can be a little expensive a travel agent is the way to go. That way when it's check in time a half a world away and the clerk looks at you and says "We don't appear to have a reservation for you." there's someone I can call.  

After my lovely wife returns and tells me about her trip to the semi big city, I'm going to head out for a bit. I called the druggist and my meds are in. I guess that means you can all rest easy, I will be under control for another few weeks. Kidding aside I had placed the refill order on Thursday and they had to fax my Doctor. I checked late Friday and no word. When I called this morning I was expecting that my Doctor wouldn't have faxed a refill prescription. If the Doc had not faxed a refill prescription, I was going to call my Doctor and confirm if the fax had been received. My game plan was if they had the fax and hadn't acted upon it to nicely rip him a new asshole. I'm glad I didn't have to do that, he always has the option of telling me to go find another Doctor and Doctors are hard to come by. 

Well I've stalled enough, it's time to go back to work. Until tomorrow, unless something interesting comes up to blog about, bye-bye.