Friday, 21 April 2017


Late in the day yesterday I finally thought to check the phone for any voicemails. I did this as I normally do, by remote control. The technique was simple, all I had to do was say "Honey, are there any voicemails on the phone?" and in a short time I had the answer and the phone in my hand. 

The first voicemail was from the folks where we get our pig and pig roast paraphernalia from. I took the risk of playing the dreaded phone tag and called the owner back. We had a delightful conversation and gave her the information she needed for the booking. The second voicemail was from our cleaning lady. She was trying to work through some logistical nightmares and asked (begged) me if it would be OK to change the date of their visit. Of course being the compassionate guy I am I said yes. 

I wonder what we did before voicemail, it's been around for so long. Heck what did we do before email, texting and all the other modern ways to communicate? Well I'm going to be gritting my teeth and making some calls over the next few days inviting some friends and family for the upcoming party. I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to leave a few voicemails of my own. 
Overcast all morning. Well at least the weekend looks good
so get out and enjoy it.
Posting will resume on Monday. Have a good weekend.

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