Monday, 17 April 2017

Time to Flip the switch and go to summer mode

Hi gang, it's been a while. I hope your Easter was better than the one I just had. Saturday was a sit around the house and drink lots and lots of water day. Saturday/Sunday overnight was a pain filled, fun event that saw little sleep and Sunday... Well let's just say it was not a happy day. 

I had made the mistake Saturday night of not taking any pain killers so I might have had a total of three hours of slumber. With very little sleep and feeling like something that had just emerged from under a rock, I sent my wife away to my sister-in-laws place for Easter dinner. I figured why should her day be ruined because I'm an idiot. Last night wasn't too bad, after sucking on a pair of extra strength Tylenol with codeine I actually managed nine whole hours of sleep. It's too bad that codeine is so damn addictive, it makes sleep very easy.

This week I'm resuming my transfer to spring/summer mode. I've already completed the oil change and redeployment of the snow blower to the rear shed. Now comes the ritual changing of the tires for the truck. Being the lazy guy I am and since it's time for an oil change anyway, I'll be bringing the truck into the shop too get these two birds taken care of with one stone. 

Also on the  seasonal change over list is the taking down of the interior storm windows which I'm not looking forward to. Added to this will be the simple tasks of setting the humidifier into summer mode and changing the furnace filter. Later this week when I feel a little more up to it and the weather is cooperative I'm going to start cleaning up the winter debris then it will be over seeding, weeding and feeding the lawn. I figure the raking will be a day or three and the rest will be a couple of hours.

Getting back to the now, today when I'm in town I'm planning on stopping by the doctor's office and setting up a follow-up appointment. Earlier this morning I gave them a call with little success so now it's time for a little bit of leaning on them.

Well that'd be it from me today. Unless something earth shattering happens I shall blog again upon the morrow. Until then, bye-bye.

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