Tuesday, 4 April 2017

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I'm really lethargic this morning. Why? Because I'm an idiot. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this conclusion is the one that fits the facts. Last night around eleven I gave my wife a peck on the cheek and went upstairs to turn in. After laying there for several minutes looking at the ceiling in the dark I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to get to sleep for a while so I turned on the bedside light, picked up my tablet and checked out some of the movies I had. Where the idiot part comes in was the movie I picked, it was Rogue One. 

Don't get me wrong Rogue One is a good movie but when one is trying to nod off picking a movie that's over two hours long is idiotic. Of course I had to watch it to the bitter end which happened around two thirty in the AM so when I got up this morning I was dragging my butt. It didn't help my frame of mind this morning to wake up to a grey overcast rainy day. The kind that kinda put a damper on how active a guy feels like being. 

Since I really don't have anything on the go right now that's worth writing about I shall leave you with a few links. One thing I did notice was this must be a slow news cycle because there ain't that many stories that are worth blogging about. Anyway without further adieu...

In Ottawa, our nations seat of power, somebody is listening. One common thread that runs through the story is each of the alphabet agencies and foreign embassies that were asked about it answered with the same, "nope, not us."

Reading this story brought back a few memories of my former employer. Nothing makes a calm routine big rhino move more exciting then when the animal wakes up in it's crate, is pissed and wants out... now.

Once again we see that Canadian politicians are the best that money can (allegedly) buy

Cambridge, UK...  being a well educated town they have a much more refined form of graffiti. 

It looks like we are coming full circle with firearms control. Back in the nineties the liberals brought in a bunch of measures to curb a non problem. They wanted everything registered and they added a lot of bureaucratic paperwork to simple things like just going to the range. In the end their measures only added to the national debt to the tune of several billion and they lost an election. Now that they are in power again they are bringing it all back.When will they learn that sprinkling the fairy dust of legislation on something will not make it any safer?

A group of people I have hated for years are the do-gooders. You know them, they are the ones who think it's a good thing to impose their values on other people. When my plans come to fruition I know who will be first against the wall.  

Well it's afternoon now and I'm thinking maybe it's time to head upstairs and get ready to meet the day. Bye or now, and of course if there's anything worth blogging about I will blog about it.

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