Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Power Fist...

Power Fist, some of the best
products Chinese slave labor
can produce.
Yesterday I hitched a ride into the semi big town with my wife, while she was getting worked on I went over to Princess Auto. I wanted to see if they had the part I needed to fix the trailer electrical hook up. After walking up and down the isles for a while I managed to fine the item I needed. The only problem with the part was it happened to be made in China by Power Fist. I had been hoping they would have a North American made part but after asking a stock guy I found out I was out of luck. I stared at it for a few moments, ah so close yet so far. Even though the price was right at $26 bucks I decided to take a pass. I've used Power Fist products before but they are sketchy. If luck is with you they are bullet proof, if not they last only a few days or sometimes a few hours. The last thing I wanted was to go through the hassle of installing this thing and have it fail on the first dump run.

I took a drive around the block to another place that specializes in trailer and car parts. All I wanted was the dame little junction box and of course it comes as part of a unit. This means I have to remove all the old wiring and splice in the new stuff. I said the hell with it and forked over the $71 bucks and  walked out grumbling. 

I went over and picked up my wife and we skedaddled for home. At home I turned on the personal confuser and, figuring if a picture is worth a thousand words a video must be worth a million, I went on line and checked out how to to the install. I watched the video several times and copied it to my tablet so I would have the resource at hand during the procedure.

Then came the moment of truth...

I went through the procedure step by step until I got stuck. The issue was the interior side panels at the rear of the truck. I started to pull the passenger side unit off and the first two clips came away without issue. The next clips became a bitch to pop. I pulled a little more and sure enough the panel started to crack so I stopped. I went into the house for a coffee and thought about the situation. After a few minutes of thinking about it I decided to reassemble what I had taken off and hold off on the install. 

The next time I get the chance I'll take the beast into the shop and let the people who have gone to school and trained to be wrench turners take care of it. I figure I'm still ahead of the game because originally I was expecting the issue to be with the steering column wiring and that's serious bucks. 

Well that's all I got for now so bye-bye from my little hunk of paradise. As always, if something interesting comes up I will post.

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