Tuesday, 11 April 2017

One more sleep

Yesterday started out as one of those nice spring days. I did my running around in the morning and was home before the late afternoon "weather event" took place. Shortly after my last post some really nasty thunder storms passed through. The thunder boobs were close and loud enough to shake the house. Once upon a time I liked thunder storms thinking they were awesome. Now all I think about is the possibility of trees falling on the house because of the wind and rain.  

I noticed on the news last night that some airport security got a little carried away when removing a passenger off a United Airlines flight. The public outcry has been loud over this but in the end the news cycle will move onto  something else and United will get it's passengers back with a seat sale. Seeing the initial reports it looks like the airport security guys who removed the passenger with excessive force are going to be the fall guys. 

My wife has wanted us to visit some of her game friends in the not so United States and I've said I ain't going. I've said for a while I'm not flying down there because I will not subject myself to the invasive pat downs from the TSA. I will not drive down because I don't want to run the risk of dealing with any American law enforcement and their third world attitudes about use of force

Today for me is going to be a quiet one. I managed to get all the running around done yesterday before the weather. One little thing I did forget to do was give my urologist a call about a followup. I called him this morning and that little detail is done. Aside from that last minor detail all I have to do now is wait. 

Tomorrow I will not be posting anything. I've got to leave early for the long trip to the big city. When I get home it will be late and  I'll probably still be drugged. 

Bye for now   

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